Need more space in your kitchen? Use these tips to free up space and optimize your kitchen.

A small kitchen can offer much more space than it seems, provided optimize space† Therefore, it is enough to know some tricks with which you can: gain some ground easy.

Small kitchen: how to save space?

Storage space is essential in a small kitchen. Consider organizing your kitchen accessories and utensils to free up your work plan, for example. To do this, attach them to wall † This allows you to save more space. Then bet on instead small household appliances† XXL food processors run the risk of becoming ungainly. One tip for clearing the space is to transfer your dry foods (pasta, rice, cereal) to jars† You free yourself from packing boxes by choosing to do your shopping in bulk. The pots, on the other hand, always stay in place without varying in size.

Optimize the space in your kitchen

If the idea still persists to tidy up your kitchen, betting on a kitchen island could be the solution. With this one you can indeed free up space in your work plan, while you are creating extra storage space thanks to the island. Some have a recess to slide stools under the furniture. Also focus on retractable furniture, which frees up space when not in use. The extendable table can be easily folded, stored and hidden. Finally choose sliding wardrobe doors to limit the clutter when you open your cabinets.