Best Employers 2022: autonomy and trust praised by employees


The Best Employers 2022 ranking is based on an independent survey of employees in Switzerland. The survey was conducted from an online panel and among readers of the Handelszeitung and Time† The survey identified more than 1,500 employers, all with at least 200 employees.

In total, more than 15,000 employees in Switzerland were interviewed. Due to the large number of people enrolled in the panels, the participants have a wide regional and socio-demographic spread. The study period ran from June to July 2021. The ranking included more than 200,000 statements from two different assessment channels: recommendation from the own employer and recommendation from other employers within the same sector.

A score has been calculated for each employer from the various data, whereby the tendency to recommend one’s own employer has a higher weighting. In order to take into account the enduring reputation of the employers, the previous year’s low weighted evaluations were also taken into account.

Businesses are in more demand than ever. Where they were concerned a year ago to grant their employees a painless switch to telecommuting, they are now learning to avoid certain consequences. Because few employees imagine returning to the office full-time. The time they spent at home taught them to work more independently, focused and efficiently. Responsibility is no longer exercised only in offices, but is migrating out into private workspaces. Employees appreciate this extra responsibility and want to continue to enjoy the new freedoms that come with it.

Companies must help them. An attractive employer nowadays no longer distinguishes itself by a simple increase in the general SBB subscription or by a particularly spacious canteen. Because the SBB subscription or the canteen are no longer necessary if you only go to the office now and then. A company is expected to invest more in its employees and provide them with continuous training. This is how she shows her appreciation and makes them competitive in these times of ubiquitous digitization. And this in a context where existing jobs could disappear as a result of this galloping digitization. There is a risk that employees will leave the company and even the branch at the end of a thorough training. But the Best Employers of the Year 2022 show something different: they have invested in their employees, and as a result they experience much lower turnover, greater diversity and more job satisfaction.

The 50 Best Employers in Switzerland

Stimulated and motivated teams

Thanks to continuous training, employees cherish new ideas and new incentives. They benefit the whole company. Career programs, days of discovery of other sectors within the company generate new perspectives and strengthen mutual understanding. This creates a sense of community and collegiality benefits from this.

The best employers of 2022 have invested in their employees

In this regard, corporate cultures of the kind we see in the best employers 2022 are talking about them. Companies report that most vacancies are filled internally or through referral. For two years, the pandemic restricted the expression of corporate culture. It is therefore all the more necessary to emphasize the possibilities of coming together. Everyone wants to be able to organize company parties again or at least drink an aperitif together. This suggests that a free fitness membership or a more generous bonus is not the most important thing for an employee. What counts is what we experience together, the opportunities for improvement, a climate of growing trust.

Rankings by category

Automobile and commercial vehicles (manufacturers, suppliers and companies)


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Construction of industrial machines and equipment

Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Medical Devices

Raw materials, energy, supply and disposal

Building materials and heavy industry

Food, Beverages and Consumer Goods

Major banks, international banks, stock exchanges, securities banks, asset management banks and private bankers

Cantonal banks, regional banks and savings banks

Insurance companies and health insurers

Internet, telecommunications and computers

Transport and logistics

Advice, audit and other services

Health and Social


Trade and Retail

Watches and jewelry

Gastronomy, tourism, accommodation, entertainment and leisure

Teaching and research

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