here are the foolproof tips at low prices to optimize your kitchen storage

Today, Ikea is an indispensable brand in the world of furniture and decoration. What makes the success in France? The low prices, the carefully studied designs, the inimitable style, the many shops scattered throughout the territory… Everyone has already walked into an Ikea store at least once.

The Swedish giant is present in more than 40 countries and knows perfectly the domestic habits of its millions of customers. In this way, he manages to meet their expectations by developing furniture series that are perfectly tailored to everyone’s needs and limitations.

Objeko shares with you the best tips of the brand to make your kitchen more functional and spacious.

Ikea: a functional kitchen, nothing else

Large or small, modern or rustic, design or contemporary, a kitchen must be functional. But what is a functional kitchen? A space where you can easily cook thanks to specific and practical storage. After all, it is much more pleasant to prepare meals when all utensils are in place and within reach, but also when the work plan is not full of unnecessary objects.

So cooking is easier and faster in a judiciously tidy kitchen. Plus, by taking advantage of smart storage, you can save space. So you can store more utensils and products to express all your creativity behind the stove!

That’s a good thing, Ikea likes all kinds of storage spaces. The board therefore has everything you need to improve the organization of your kitchen. For example, the trolley “Raskog” offers a trolley that is ideally designed for storing spices, cans or fresh vegetables. Versatile, this storage space is mobile and can serve as a side table. Moreover, it is accessible for less than 50 euros, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Redirect storage space to optimize kitchen organization

The following tip will surprise you, but also convince you, especially if you lack drawers in the kitchen. How about changing a closet that was originally designed to store shoes in a kitchen unit? You can store particularly bulky packaging and kitchen utensils in the spacious lockers. Ultimately, the Ikea “Hemnes” shoe cabinet could revolutionize storage in your kitchen! In addition, the white color prevents you from distorting your decor.

You can also use Ikea’s “Knuff” magazine rack. Made of plywood, this storage unit, originally intended for the office, is very practical for storing household products. Under the sink or on a shelf, they are easily accessible and no longer tip over. Do not hesitate to fix the boxes with glue to stabilize them. You can buy several because the set of two costs only 14.99 euros.

Smart small storage from Ikea

Finally, we would like to present you very well designed objects for the kitchen. This time, the point is not to infer their use, but to respect the use for which they were devised.

The stainless steel lid holder “Variera” allows you to store the lids of your pans without losing space. You just have to slide them between the stainless steel studs instead of stacking them in the drawers. Equally practical, the spice rack “Uppdatera” is designed to be installed in a drawer. With this step shelf in anthracite gray you can organize the storage of herbs while optimizing the space at the same time. Available for less than 5 euros, so you have your favorite herbs at your fingertips.

Finally, the perforated storage panel “Uppdatera” in a drawer is intended for storing kitchen utensils. The removable mounting bars can be positioned as needed to hold and stabilize plates, lids, dishes… It’s up to you to organize the storage space as you see fit!

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