Horizons Commerce portal: which trade and distribution profession is right for you?

Do you want to turn to trade and distribution? The Horizons Commerce platform highlights some 100 professions across eight trade and distribution sectors, as well as 18,000 training offers to help you find the career that’s right for you!

The Horizons Commerce portal was created through a collaboration between: the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration, the Trade and Distribution Federation and four labor organizations (FGTA-FO, CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC Agro This platform introduces young graduates to the many possible careers in the trade and distribution sector.

The trade and distribution sector, France’s largest employer among young people

Expert trade and distribution recruiters are turning to young people to meet market needs and fill jobs in many companies. This dynamic field of work is undergoing a multitude of transformations, in particular due to new consumer expectations, the development of e-commerce and the emergence of new in-store services. This sector is becoming increasingly competitive, with the emergence of new brands and the development of e-commerce platforms.

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis and the emergence of new consumer profiles, retail and distribution players must continue their technology revolution and recruit their future talents. They naturally turn to the new generation, ultra-connected, to respond to current digital and societal issues (ecological, health and environmental issues). The trade and distribution sector is changing. It emphasizes creativity, adaptability and innovation to meet new consumer expectations. It responds to the evolution of consumption patterns resulting from social transitions (changes in lifestyles and places of life), economic (expectations in terms of quality/price ratio) and environmental (development of agriculture organic, short circuit, fresh and regional Products).

In the field of commerce and distribution, many professions are under tension. Indeed, the number of job offers on the labor market exceeds the requests from people seeking access to a job in this industry.

Food trade (butcher, fishmonger, baker)

The hospitality industry is undergoing a major transformation. They are increasingly valued by retail and mass distribution brands to provide promising careers and professional development.

Supervisory professions

Many young people, after a few years of experience, can qualify for an evolution and a change of position to exercise supervisory or management professions within a trade and mass distribution brand. For example, they can become department managers, cashiers or supermarket managers.

Some key figures about the trade and distribution sector

  • 89.8% of employees have a permanent contract;
  • 55% of employees are women;
  • 24% of employees are under 26 years old;
  • almost 37,000 apprenticeship contracts were signed there in 2021;
  • At the end of 2021, there were more than 681,000 employees working in large food retail chains.

Trade and distribution: focus on many career opportunities

There are many professions in commerce and distribution. These are organized into eight streams.

Purchasing, product and service development and quality

The professionals of shop are responsible for selecting brand suppliers, negotiating purchasing conditions and optimizing the quality/price ratio of products. As for the professionals of development of products and services they rely on innovation and design to increase customer satisfaction. Other professions are devoted to: quality and the industrial compliance of food and non-food products distributed in stores.

Trade, sales and customer service

The animation of a board’s commercial strategy and the appreciation of the products and services offered (partnerships, merchandising) are part of the missions of an expert in Business Development† For his part, the head of customer service offers advice and personal service to consumers. The professions of customer service are diverse, from remote advice to reception, through collection or after-sales service (SAV).

The operational sales concerns direct sales in the store, whether it concerns guiding customers in their choice, purchasing or placing products on the shelf. It concerns the sale of food and non-food, catering and snacking. The catering industry in the store relates to the production and the production of cooked meals.

Digital, Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) and Transformation

Today, specialists in CSR develop projects that address social and environmental issues, which are considered a key success factor and a performance indicator for companies.

the experts in project management and organization assess a company’s ability to transform its work processes and implement new digital tools to optimize its strategic decisions. New technologies are also at the service of consumers. Indeed, professionals digitalcapable of creativity and innovation, designing new services and applications in line with consumer needs.

Management professions

The professions of functional direction take place at the company headquarters. They carry the strategic vision of an organization and the management of its performance. The functions of functional management can mainly be found within the general management, human resources, finance, marketing or legal departments. about the business operationsit is orchestrated by location or store managers, who monitor and manage operations and resources.

Supporting functions:

The support functions of a company bring together all professions that, strictly speaking, do not represent the core activity. These functions thus support the development of the company’s activity.

The experts atextension, land development and real estate assets have as their main tasks the search and acquisition of building land, the management of real estate assets or the negotiation of real estate transactions. The target ? Contribute to the economic performance of a company.

From a point of view financial, this optimization is ensured by professionals in accounting, tax, management control or even treasury and mergers and acquisitions. These experts produce and monitor the company’s accounting and financial data and ensure the optimal use of its financial resources. For their part, specialists inaudition and compliance are responsible for assessing the degree of process control and the level of efficiency of the company’s internal organization.

The professions of administrative management and of theassistantship enable employees to work and coordinate as a team. This sector also includes functions related to: human resources : recruitment, training, succession and career management. These activities are supervised by: lawyers in case of disputes (commercial, real estate).

In addition, securing a brand’s data is an essential part. With this in mind, the management and maintenance of information system and IT project development are handled by the engineers responsible for network infrastructure maintenance and web development. As for the technology and datashe are 100% digital. It involves analyzing, checking and verifying the reliability of a large amount of data in order to understand the needs of a customer, both internal and external, and to find appropriate solutions with a high added value.

Finally, so that all employees of a company work in good conditions, maintenance, maintenance, infrastructure development and provision of material resources are a priority.

maintenance and safety

The company usually has robotic or electrical installations, machines, buildings and equipment that need to be maintained and renovated. This is where professionals come into play. maintenance for preventive or corrective purposes. Anticipating risks and taking the necessary measures in the event of an accident (fire) or incident (violation) is the primary task of safety experts. They ensure the safety of persons and goods within the establishment under their supervision.

In addition to sales promotion and advertising, strategic and operational marketing professionals analyze and monitor current consumer trends. Their mission is to adapt the products and services that the brands offer to the expectations of the consumer. It is then up to the e-commerce experts to organize the promotion of a product, in order to stimulate online sales. Think of web design and digital communication. Finally, professionals communication (internal, external), media management and press relations watch over the brand image of a company. They promote the company, its activities and its products while protecting its reputation.

The supply chain

l’to deliver regular operation of the brands, cost optimization and inventory rotation are ensured by those responsible for inventory management and supply chain optimization. At the same time, the functions are: logistics are as much focused on preparing and shipping orders to retailers as they are on handling inventory and mechanical equipment. The goods, whether food or non-food, are then prepared, stored and delivered to their recipients by the professionals of the transport-

Horizons Commerce, an interactive portal to discover your skills profile

The Horizons Commerce portal indicates that between 151,000 and 184,000 hires are planned in 2022 in the retail and retail sector. Of the roughly 100 professions on offer, these are the ones that recruit the most:

The Horizons Commerce portal also provides access to the Horizon Emploi tool, which gives you an overview of employment trends in the trade and distribution sector, by occupation and by area. The Horizon Emploi tool also gives you access to the list of companies that recruit locally.

In addition, you can diagnose your skills using the Horizon Talents reference tool. The target? Discover the trade and distribution professions that best suit your profile, thanks to a personalized questionnaire!

Horizon Talents describes the skills needed to perform each of the presented professions. You can also discover more than 18,000 courses and gateways, at all levels, to access a job in the trade and distribution sector.

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