How to Lost Ark All Rethramis Kitchen Collectibles. can get

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You can find kitchen collectibles in all regions of Lost Ark. The process of finding or creating each can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, we’ve rounded up all the cooking collectibles for the Rethramis continent below. While many of them require multiple steps, some require purchase alone.

Where to find all the kitchen collectibles in Rethramis in Lost Ark

Below is every kitchen item you can collect in the Adventurer’s Tome of Rethramis. For a more detailed explanation of all of the collectibles below, click on their names to go to their dedicated page.

Prideholme style of Veda

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If you want homemade Prideholme style food from Veda, you have to go to Prideholme and buy it. You will find the drinks merchant named Veda next to the tavern. If you talk to Veda she can get you Veda’s homemade Prideholme style food for 3000 silver.

Regria flower oil

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Regria Flower Oil can be found in the border area of ​​Rethramis. Move to the center of the map in this area and you will find the Regria Monastery. Head in that direction but head towards the west entrance. Once there, move closer to the left side of the spiky barricade. Find the guard, then head right to find an interactive button above the torch.

Tap the survey icon to get Regria Flower Oil.

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Dawntree Sprouts Cider

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To make Dawntree Sprout Cider, you need to find the only ingredient in The Solar Tree Sprout in Rethramis Border. You need to go to the red square in the image above.

Look at the red square on the map near the barricade. Between the brazier and the windmill is the Sun Tree Sprout. Once you have it, talk to an NPC leader named Hely and make some Dawntree Sprout Cider for 900 silver. It’s in the south west of Prideholme, just look for the chef’s hat icon.

Regria artisan wheat bread

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Obtaining a giant bag of wheat is the first step in making Regria wheat bread. You cannot make this bread without this ingredient. In the southernmost part of Prideholmes, in the agricultural area, is the Giant Wheat Sack. On the hay wagon for the cows you will find an interactive prompt.

After you get the giant wheat sack, you need to talk to Hely, the Prideholme chef. It’s in the southwest. Look for the chef’s hat icon on the map. Select the Regria Wheat Bread option from the baking menu that appears and click Request. The price may seem quite steep at 1,400 silver, but you’ll get that money back quickly if you play.

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High-protein white bird stew

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You have to find the only ingredient, the dainty piece, before cooking the protein-rich white bird stew. Loghill is the only place you can find the discouraged piece. Just go to the red square in the image above.

Find a shrub next to a tree in the location above. It is on the northern edge, just before entering the East Oratory, where the red square is marked. When a search prompt appears, press and hold G to find it. You will receive a discouraged block after using a quick search bar. If you want, you can get several at once.

Once you have it, go to the NPC Chef Hely in Prideholme and buy some protein white bird stew with 1,400 silver.

500 year old Mera wine

The first thing to do is head to Aquilok’s Head Dungeon in the Ankumo Mountain area. You will need to find a bonfire next to a pile of junk in this location. It is very possible to miss this collectible in the dungeon as it is hidden.

You can reach this location by pressing a lever on the left side of the screen, which is not far into the dungeon.

As a result, the rocks behind it will fall and you can jump off the cliff into a hidden area that is not on the map. You’ll soon come across a school bag if you follow the lower wall of this location. Examine the bag.

However, there is a small catch. You don’t get 500 year old Mera wine, you get 499 year old Mera wine. It’s on purpose. Hovering over the item in your inventory will show the duration of two hours. Wait two hours in real time and the 499 year old Mera Wine will become the 500 year old Mera Wine.

Holy potato with teeth marks

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You need to increase your ratio with Sierra the Bard in Prideholme to get the Holy Potato with Toothmarks. She will give you this item once you reach report level four. Adding it to your Adventurer’s Tome is as easy as right-clicking it in your inventory, but it takes time.

You can check our relationship with Sierra by talking to her. You’ll find it at the top of the screen. Raising your report level to four takes time and a lot of money. Come back every day and keep giving her gifts or doing other things like playing Instrument.

Once you finally get her to report level four, you can claim the reward. You can claim Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers by going to Adventure in the bottom right bar, clicking Report, or pressing Alt+N. Click Rethramis, then tap Claim Reward or the magnifying glass in the corner and tap Claim a Reward under Trustworthy.

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