Solidarity catering – Cooking with heart and guts at Refettorio

Cooking at Refettorio with heart and guts

In the kitchen, Chef John Hartshorne puts the finishing touches to the dish.  At the top, a sign sets the tone: “Food is political.”
The guests come from different associations in Geneva.  The establishment can accommodate 80 people per evening.

atypical leader

Chef Walter el Nagar created the Mater foundation to carry out a project designed during the pandemic.
Geneva, April 1, 2022. In the evening, a team of professionals accompanies volunteers for the service.

No alcohol in the evening

Quality food for everyone.  The motto engraved on the bottom of the shell.

Hyperlocal, anti-waste

“We didn’t wait for the money to open this place.”

Jimmy Thiébaud, Vice President and Fundraiser for the Mater Foundation

Choose from an omnivorous or vegetarian menu.  The dishes are identical for lunch and dinner.
A resolutely local and seasonal approach to assembling the plates.  Here, a wild garlic sauce covers the perch-filled beetroot ravioli.

Tables to occupy

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