street food, star restaurants, local products or world cuisine… Sit down at the Pays de la Loire table

Guérande salt, rillettes from Le Mans or even the priest of Nantes, there is something for everyone in the cuisine of the Pays de la Loire. A kitchen in full mutation at the time of veganism or localism. Regional surveys at the Pays de la Loire table, the highlights of the program broadcast on April 6.

Cooking, a real French way of life. The gourmet meal since 2010 French has been classified by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity. Evidence of the importance of “eating well” and “drinking well” in our regions.

And the Pays de la Loire should not be missed!

Poultry from Sarthe, oysters from the coast or even Muscadet are indispensable on our plate. But these flagship products alone do not summarize the gastronomy of the Loire. A varied gastronomy, shaped by the geography of the area: fish and shellfish along the coast, dairy products and poultry in the heart of the countryside.

Vegan food or local dishes, street food or star chefs, gastronomy is changing. It must meet the expectations of consumers who want to eat good, good and healthy, always looking for food that respects the environment and short circuits.

Mathieu Guillerot and the teams of France 3 Pays de la Loire put on their aprons and sharpened their knives to meet the actors of this gastronomy in full boil. Restaurateurs, consumers, producers, they talked about their cooking skills. †

To whet our appetite, go to the vibrant kitchens of the association “the taste of others”.

USAa minced meat, it is fried, it stirs, it smells of spices and the sweet smell of world cuisine. In this warm atmosphere where we hear spoken Algerian, Korean or Armenian, we meet Djida Mahiout, the manager of this establishment.

Born in Nantes in 2010, this association is defined as a human adventure of sharing and solidarity. It develops a cosmopolitan cuisine by welcoming chefs from all over the world and offers a catering service for individuals or companies.

A way to integrate and discover the riches of these women from elsewhere…

Local products are always popular. With their flavors of yesteryear, they are comforting and work like a Proust Madeleine.

But today it exudes a scent of modernity on these so-called traditional recipes.

This is the case with a restaurant owner in Sarthe who has developed a new gastronomic recipe called “The 7 Wonders of Sarthe”. A creation based around a must: the black hen of Le Mans.

Another updated must-have is rillauds, an emblematic Anjou product. It is the basic element of a new recipe recipe created in 2017 to mark this territory: the Gouline.

Direction Rochefort-sur-Loire, 30 minutes south of Angers to discover this specialty with Jérôme Douaneau, butcher-charcutier. He welcomes us to his laboratory to tell us all about this cake recipe made exclusively from Anjou products.

Good food, better food with respect for our environment is the aim of locavores. They advocate the consumption of food produced within a limited radius of the home. For example, in recent years we have observed the emergence of different consumption modes with the emergence of supermarkets such as Scopoli or Bon d’ici.

If consumers become sensitive to this idea of ​​eating locally, that is also a challenge for restaurateurs. It has become important for them to give preference to 100% Pays de La Loire products on their customers’ plates.

And the region is capitalizing on this trend by offering a wide choice of products, some of which are very unusual…

In this report we look for a seaweed collector and producer of the very precious saffron near our house.

The covid crisis has invited itself onto our plate. The periods of incarceration have changed the way we buy and eat.

Meeting with Michel Aubinais, President of the Angers School of Agriculture and of the Gastronomy Campus. With him we inventory the evolution of the consumption pattern after the health crisis.

Contrary to what you might think given the influx of images of novice chefs or Sunday gardeners, the consumption of processed products has also exploded.

With 20 star restaurants in Pays de la Loire, deFine foodies have plenty to enjoy.

In Brière, in the beautiful setting of “La mare aux Oiseaux”, we find the star chef of this establishment, Éric Guérin.

For this passionate and exciting chef, cooking is everything. From local producers to the kitchen brigade, through the service, everyone is there to make this tasting moment a unique moment.

Everyone has his kitchen, everyone has his table. But whether you’re gourmet or gourmet, vegan or meaty, starred or on the go, the Pays de la Loire offers products and establishments that awaken and stir all our taste buds.

All that’s left is to go to the table…

Enjoy your meal !

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