The e-commerce site of Yves Rocher, favorite of the French, for Bonprix and Amazon

France’s best e-commerce site is again Yves Rocher’s. This is the verdict of the Favor’i trophies organized by Fevad, the distance selling federation, which was unveiled on February 10. Yves Rocher’s site was placed at the top by cyber buyers, representative of Fransen, interviewed by the Médiamétrie polling institute.

The secret of success, betting on nature and the democratization of beauty

Everything starts with the brand, with the DNA. A family business rooted in its territory, it has been committed to nature since the 1950s, and the accessibility of beauty for the majority of women is part of the brand. ” said Bris Rocher, CEO of Groupe Rocher, parent company of Yves Rocher, given the site’s good value for money. The e-commerce site accounts for 11% of sales. More than half of sales are now being made mobile, the leader adds. The store remains the primary distribution channel.

Yves Rocher is the leader in e-commerce sales of health, beauty and hygiene products ahead of Amazon and Sephora, according to Fevad

This site had this 1 . already achievedtime place in 2014, 2018 and 2020. According to Fevad, Yves Rocher is the leader in selling health, beauty and hygiene products through e-commerce, ahead of Amazon and Sephora. The brand represents almost 30% of buyers in the category. Internet users particularly appreciated the ergonomics and operation of the site (16.44 out of 20) and the customer service (16.34 out of 20). In terms of environmentally responsible engagement, the score is 16.12 out of 20. For product choice, the score is 16.26 out of 20. The value for money is 16.16 out of 20. Founded in 1959, Yves Rocher employs 8000 people and announces 30 million customers.

More surprisingly, we find in 2e position the bonprix website, both for product selection and site operation, with a score of 16. This women’s fashion site employs 4,000 people in some 30 countries. at the 3e instead we discover Amazon with a score of 15.8.

Beauty and health category, Yves Rocher present with two e-commerce sites

In the beauty and health category, almost 1 cyber buyer in 2 buy this type of product, the Yves Rocher group is present through its Yves Rocher site, which came first, and her entity Doctor Ricaudat 4e square. In second place we find new players in “slow cosmetics” with the newcomer Aroma Zone, followed by Kiko. As for SantéDiscount, it’s in 5e square.

E.Leclerc’s e-commerce site ranks first in the food category for its value for money

In the food category, France is the European champion in online food and still experienced +50% growth during delivery, both with Drive and delivery. This delivery is faster and faster with fast trading underlines Mac Lolivier, General Delegate of Fevad. At the top of this category, we find Leclerc in first place, thanks in particular to its value for money, Auchan follows thanks to its customer service and then Système U for its CSR policy. Then come to Carrefour and Lidl.

In the fashion category, the bonprix site comes out on top, followed by Kiabi, a dynamic e-commerce retailer, then Zalando, Decathlon and Blancheporte. This flagship category attracts 25 million French buyers, a market which, according to Fevad, is dominated by pure players and which has seen the arrival of new players, with the second-hand market at the forefront especially with Vinted, or Asian platforms such as Shein or AliExpress. These two sites are 4e and 10e in the Fevad and Mediamétrie rankings.

The furniture, decoration and DIY category, led by Ikea

With regard to furniture, decoration and DIY, this is the category that has progressed the most in the beauty health sector due to the incarceration that led the French to redecorate their homes. Almost 1 cyber buyer in 3 buys in this category. It’s the Ikea site that has the 1 . winstime place, followed by ManoMano, Brico Dépôt, Leroy Merlin and Gifi.

Amazon regains 1st place in the category of technical products and household appliances weighing 25 billion euros

For technical products and household appliances, good for 25 billion euros in turnover, or almost 40% of online sales, Amazon takes the 1time instead, followed by Apple and Cdiscount. Then there is Boulanger and the second-hand site BackMarket. In the culture, leisure, games and toys category, Fnac is in first place just ahead of Cultura, followed by toy brands JouéClub, Kingtoy and Oxybul.

These rankings were prepared by Mediamétrie during a survey to identify the favorite e-commerce sites of the 42 million French cyber buyers. To answer this survey, Internet users had to have ordered from the sites within the past 12 months. The survey was conducted online among 4,000 cyber buyers who are representative of French people who buy on the internet. Five criteria were noted for each location: the choice of product, the price-quality ratio, the ergonomics and operation of the location or application, the after-sales service and the CSR policy.

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