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Be it Courteney Cox, Eva Longoria or even Brooklyn Beckham, these three celebrities have one thing in common: they share their cooking recipes on social networks. Whether it’s the famous pasta dish or the unmissable Poke Bowl, not to mention a tasty cocktail, the web is ignited by the recipes prepared by their favorite stars.

None of these celebrities had been recognized for their cuisine and their homemade dishes until now, but the publication of just one of their favorite recipes was enough for them to play mini chef on social networks. Fans love to watch their favorite personalities cook and let them know in the comments. “YUMMM”, “Incredible”, “More Recipes!! †here are the comments we can read below the videos of the dishes made up by whoever plays Monica in Friends, or by whoever just said yes to Nicola Peltz.

Discover the most iconic recipes from these people:

1. Courteney Cox’s Artichoke Bites

Here’s a surprising recipe that’s as easy as it is quick. Start by opening two cans of canned artichoke hearts and draining them of their juices. Then take the equivalent of three tablespoons of mayonnaise that you spread on the bottom of a dish. Add the Parmesan and grated mozzarella, as well as the artichokes you just drained and mix everything together. Then add the rest of your cheese and bake for 40 to 45 minutes at 200°C. Skeptical? It is of course more than successful for the American star, she makes short work of it during the tasting and gives a big thumbs up. “I love!”.

Of course, Courteney doesn’t stop at this recipe. She also makes pasta recipes and even goes so far as to make a homemade pizza! One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of original recipes on the American star’s Instagram account. Even sweet recipes find their place here, such as the gluten-free banana bread.

2. Eva Longoria’s French toast

French toast is one of Eva Longoria’s favorite recipes. The recipe that she offers her fans on TikTok is of course slightly different from the original recipe, but it seems to appeal to users of the platform. For the ingredients, bring eggs, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla flavor, cinnamon, bananas, and brioche.
Put your eggs in a bowl and add cinnamon, sugar, vanilla flavor and mix everything. Roughly chop your slices of brioche and dip them in your mixture. Next, slice your bananas and brown them in a pan with butter and sugar to caramelize them. Fry the slices of brioche soaked in your mixture in a pan with butter until golden brown. Present them on a pretty plate and top with your caramelized bananas and all you have to do is enjoy.

But the star’s other specialty, of course, seems to be the preparation of cocktails. Be it the good old Spritz, Tequila, more homemade recipes, or even more recently the Margarita, Eva Longoria clearly seems to have missed a long career as a mixologist.

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3. Brooklyn Beckham Pesto-Free Pesto Paste

The Italians would immediately flee when they saw the title of Brooklyn Beckham’s recipe, but the young man who just got married doesn’t hesitate to share his favorite dish, which he makes with fresh produce, with his fans. To make the Beckham pesto paste, take pistachios, garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese, olive oil, pasta and what looks like spring onion. Put the pistachios and garlic with a little olive oil in a blender and crumble everything. Then add the rest of the oil, lemon zest, grated Parmesan cheese, spring onions and salt and mix again until you get something smooth. Add lemon juice while the mixture is mixing. Then cook your pasta and brown it in a pan with the resulting mixture. Add Parmesan cheese during the presentation and if you have the same taste as the young man, enjoy.

But the young man doesn’t stop there! Between making a pokebowl and an XXL burger, Brooklyn Beckham even takes the time to share his recipe for fresh pasta. And we have to admit, his homemade tagliatelle makes your mouth water when he mixes them with his Bolognese sauce. One thing is for sure, the culinary challenges are not lacking on the Instagram account of the young model who does everything possible!

Relatively simple recipes, but which seem to convince the gourmets who scroll the web all day. Do you want to come up with healthy recipes? We give you some delicious and easy to prepare recipes.

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