Waww La Table – Frédéric Vardon: “Cooking is more than recipes, it’s people’s smiles”

Every month, Paris Match and Waww La Table invite artists and personalities to meet around a great chef to celebrate the gourmet meal of the French, classified by Unesco as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

It is an ode to the pleasure of living around a table full of spring. The heart is a path of wildflowers, ranunculus and orchids. This palette of a thousand shades of pink, composed by Éric Chauvin, fills the air with burning joy. Silver cutlery signed Christofle, crystal glasses gilded with fine gold, candles, sparkles like a masterpiece by Chardin. A detail in the painting: plump pottery trumpets the passion for Phoenician art of hostess Maha Chalabi.

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UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and founder of the International Association for the Safeguarding of Tire, she embodies quiet strength and oriental hospitality. “This ancient pottery belonged to my father, he was a deputy to Tyre, where eight civilizations succeeded one another,” says Maha. In the 1930s and 1940s, Lebanon did not yet have an archeology department. So when the Tyrians found things, they gave them to him. My brothers and I inherited his collection. I will present the pieces I have to the museum of Tire once Lebanon has settled down again. †

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Cooking is much more than recipes, it’s people’s smiles

In the apartment museum on avenue Foch, Péri Cochin, daughter of Maha, and Arabelle Reille again play the score of the hymn to beauty. For this fifth dinner, a tribute to French gastronomy, they called on the star chef of 39V Paris, Frédéric Vardon. A cream from Normand that has been polishing its pots with Alain Ducasse for fourteen years. “Cooking, he says, is much more than recipes, it’s people’s smiles. You have to create emotion. The menu is a nod to some of its producers, horticulturists Roland Rigault and Thierry Riant. After the langoustines from our coasts, the chef treats us to potato ravioli dressed in Jérôme Galis truffle slices. French veal surrounded by small vegetables, Normandy curd ice cream seasoned with honey and pollen with juicy mango, passion fruit, jasmine emulsion. Sparkle in the eyes of the guests, pure radiance of happiness. The sommelier, Julien Gonzalez, made the food and wine pairings with Moët Hennessy: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon 2019, Moët & Chandon white and rosé champagne…

The sweet numbness of the end of the meal continues in the living room. Comedian Sandrine Sarroche talks about her hilarious show, which is still touring France, while Vanessa Sabet Palacios, the winner of the most beautiful table competition, talks about her last New Year’s Eve: “I turned the house into a snowy forest! Germain Louvet just got a released a book about his career as a star dancer, he talks to Manuel Valls.The former prime minister explains that he is preparing a book dedicated to historical figures who embody courage, then claims a bit nostalgic: “Politics is first and foremost the pursuit of power.”

What comes after this ad

What comes after this ad

Meanwhile, jeweler-goldsmith Jean Boggio and architect Charles Zana talk about their creations for Waww La Table, which will soon be for sale on the site*. The first designed mouth-blown baroque glasses; the second designed a ceramic centerpiece and carafes. Everything was made according to Phoenician techniques in associative workshops founded by Maha Chalabi, which allowed some sixty families to work in the Tire region. Jean-Michel Othoniel, prince of contemporary art, takes us into the world of the postman Cheval. “In the Drôme, I am about to fulfill his dream: to enliven his Ideal Palace with water games, with fountains and waterfalls. A beautiful snapshot of the French way of life, this evening had the taste of a golden age, that of the blessed time of carelessness and wonder.

* waww.fr .

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