What could Emmanuel Macron’s new government look like?

In the event of a victory, on the evening of April 24, Emmanuel Macron will thank his Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and with him his government. He promises an “innovation”, “a new method”. But many ministers would like to stay on board.

Which members of the current Castex government could remain in office? © AFP / Andrea Savorani Neri / NurPhoto

In an interview with Le Figaro, on April 6, Emmanuel Macron has already set the tone. “It will take a leap in the aftermath of the presidential election to give new impetus,” he said. Within the government, the message was quickly translated: “Almost all of us are going to pack our boxes”. The presidential candidate wants to “bring forward a new generation” and bring into the government “figures who can continue to give momentum”.

Those who are on their way out

At the age of 74 and after ten years as a minister (five years at Defense, five years at Foreign Affairs), Jean-Yves Le Drian should leave the Quai d’Orsay unless the situation in Ukraine or elsewhere becomes extremely dangerous. Same situation for Florence ParlyArmed Forces Minister since the start of the five-year term, his departure appears to have been confirmed.

He wants him to leave his office. He confides in private. Jean-Michel Blanquer will leave the rue de Grenelle with a longevity record. No minister of National Education remained in this position for five years under the Fifth Republic, and even before that. His senior year was the toughest, with in particular a major mobilization against his handling of the health crisis last January. His colleague, responsible for Higher Education, Frederique Vidal will also leave the office. While Emmanuel Macron plans to make education a priority for his possible next five-year term.

Rue de Valois, the epidemic wiped out almost all his projects. at 75, Roselyne Bachelot will, unless surprised, leave the Ministry of Culture. He spares no expense in this campaign, with already a dozen public gatherings to his credit. It prevents, Eric Dupond Moretti, never managed to appease his relationship with the magistrates. The last fight dates from last month with the chairman of the Court of Cassation, Chantal Arens. He will most likely leave the chancellery without seeing the outcome of the “State General of Justice” launched in October last year.

Those who hope to stay

Permanently installed in the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, since May 2017, Bruno the mayor does everything he can to remain the master of Bercy. “It would be in our interest to study the collection of financial and climatic skills,” the former presidential candidate even suggests in his book “An Eternal Sun,” published last December.

The Minister of Health and Solidarity, Olivier Veran, wants to turn the page on Covid, leave Avenue de Ségur, without leaving the government ship. He hopes to embody the left leg of the second five-year term, just like his colleague, Barbara Pompilito Ecology.

place Beauvau, Gerard Darmanin wants to support the program bill he has just tabled for security. For this he emphasizes his peaceful relationship with the police. the minister of sports, Roxana Maracineanu, does not intend to watch the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris from his living room. She has already worked hard on their preparations. In Japan, a minister for the Olympics had been appointed to host the 2020 event in Tokyo.

Those who hope to climb

Several ministers or secretaries of state have managed to weave a privileged relationship with the head of state over the months and years. They hope to step up, take on more responsibility, for services rendered. This is the case of the government spokesperson Gabriel Attal, whose record is better than these two predecessors: Benjamin Griveaux and Sibeth N’Diaye.

In the last formal row, the minister Amelie de Montchalin , also gained the confidence of the president by leading the reform of the senior civil service. Like the Minister of the Budget, Olivier Dussoptwho was still at the beginning of the five-year socialist deputy, or his colleague from Bercy, Agnes Pannier-Runacherresponsible for Industry.

The former boss of the MoDem group in the Assembly, Marc Fesneau, has gradually established itself in Macronie as well. He is now responsible for relations with Parliament. His predecessor, Christophe Castaner, won the interior in 2018.

And then there are the faithful among the faithful, who will remain no matter what happens in the first circle, in the government or at the Elysée: the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie and the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clemens Beaune† The latter will stand as a candidate for the parliamentary elections in Paris. Elections that will already lead to a first reshuffle in late June or early July. Marlène Schiappa has chosen not to participate in this election.

Those who can return

Emmanuel Macron wants to continue to “bring forth a new generation” that gives hope to the 1930s. MPs Herve Berville (32 years old), Sacha Houlie (33 years), Aurora Berge (35 years), Jean-Noel Barrot (38) have their chances. Other delegates who played good soldiers over the five-year term could be rewarded, such as the committee chairmen: Roland Lescure (Economic Affairs) and Yael Braun-Pivet (Laws).

In any case, everyone around Emmanuel Macron expects a more political government than in 2017. “Civil society, we have” appointed a minister. “It is not the time for neophytes, we are going to live in difficult times, stormy times,” says a pillar of the majority, for whom “the gap in the second round will determine the composition of the government”.

What political balance does Emmanuel Macron want to respect? Edouard Philippe and François Bayrou will try to place their relays. The mayor of Le Havre has at his side in particular the mayor of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Delphine Burklicthe mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinetthat of Angers, Christophe Bechu

Emmanuel Macron must find a place for the one who welcomed him for a football match and for his first campaign trip: the mayor of Poissy, ex-LR, Karl Olive† The presidential candidate wants to “go further”. Will he welcome his latest catches like this: Francois Rebsamen, Eric Woerth, Christian Estrosi, Renaud Muselier † “It seems from another era!” launches a young aspirant.

And Matignon?

The whole macrony expects to appoint a woman in Matignon. And rather a woman from the left. “Because justice has been sufficiently served and broken,” said a close friend of the president. The ones whose names we’ve already heard circulating, such as: Elisabeth Borne True Christine Lagarde, probably won’t be called. We’ll save you a fictitious list. “You have to choose the one that seems most compatible with what you want to wear at any given time,” Emmanuel Macron told Le Figaro in early April. “In any case, this will presume to keep moving forward in overtaking”. Superlative, and no doubt, surprise.

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