With Marine Le Pen in power, hundreds of thousands of foreigners and people with dual citizenship would be out of work

You have to read and reread Marine Le Pen’s referendum law. Until the end and in all its details. It is freely available on the web. So clearly visible. Still, some of its enormities seem to have flown under the radar. This text entitled “Citizenship, Identity, Immigration” is the cornerstone of the entire presidential program of the qualified candidate for the second round. And above all her ‘real’ project, far away from the watered-down speech she laughs on television.

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As we know, Marine le Pen wants this bill passed within six months of her election. But what we know less is that it’s not just about blocking the arrival of immigrants or getting tougher on illegal immigrants. The president of the RN also, if not mainly, focuses on families, men, women, in a regular situation and in France often for decades. The latter, when it comes to power, will be reduced to the rank of sub-citizens who do not have the same rights as ‘subjects’. The goal is to deprive them of resources to force them to leave the territory. This is the goal that Marine Le Pen pursues, even if she does not state it so clearly.

The sequel after the ad

A “repatriation” that doesn’t say its name

Because the “national preference” does not consist only in favoring the French. It also aims to force thousands of people to “go home”. The ‘repatriation’ advocated by Zemmour is progressing masked here. But so far Marine Le Pen has not had to explain herself, as her opponents have concentrated their attacks mainly, and rightly so, on constitutional grounds. Indeed, his project violates both European conventions, the elementary principles of our jurisprudence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1789. What Marine Le Pen, a lawyer by profession, knows very well. Therefore, she says, she will rely on the “people” to bypass parliament and go ahead with a “referendum”. An approach that constitutionalist Dominique Rousseau describes as ” coup against the rule of law”.

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Of this, Marine Le Pen is not even hiding. † for thirty years, we can read in the explanatory notes to his referendum project, constitutional case law (in other words, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) gives almost the same rights to the French and to those who are not. It is this equality that it seeks to break in order to introduce a clearly accepted discrimination between “nationals” and foreigners, especially in terms of employment or access to social housing. She at the Elysée, when two families, one “national” and one “foreign”, ring the bell at an office of HLM, the first will systematically pass in front. Ditto during a job interview: the French come first. And this form of discrimination, currently considered a crime, punishable by a prison sentence of three years and a fine of up to 45,000 euros, will de facto become the rule to be followed.

The return to a tragic past

However, this violation of equality is just the sunken face of a bill that also plans to redefine” the access of foreigners to the exercise of certain professions † Which? Article 1 contains the following precision: The law may prohibit persons who are nationals of another state from accessing government jobs, public corporations, and legal entities charged with public service. In this sentence, it is necessary to stop on every word or almost. “Those who hold the nationality of another state” † In other words, dual citizenship (about 3.5 million people).

Today, the latter, like all French, can practice in the public service or administration, can also be open to foreigners with the status of indentured servants (20% of the labor force). Candidate Le Pen, if we read her programmatic writings correctly, gives herself the means to exclude them all. Because she wants to kick them out of another employment sector, that of legal persons entrusted with a public service task”. Which means companies or associations working in the field of social or health care, but also private education or waste collection in municipalities. Entire parts of the activity, at La Poste, EDF or SNCF, are also affected by the restrictions considered by the RN applicant. So if the text were to come into effect, millions of jobs could potentially be banned for both foreigners and people with dual citizenship. A real economic and human earthquake. And a return to the past, tragic. Marine Le Pen does not commit to just any story.

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In 1899, in the explanatory memorandum to a law introduced in Parliament for ” dismiss all descendants of foreigners up to and including the fourth generation from the civil service The editors wrote: The foreigner is everywhere, he invades the bank, the liberal professions, he monopolizes for his profit certain industries hitherto in the hands of the French† Under the Vichy regime, the law of September 27, 1940 was stigmatized “surplus foreigners in the French economy” Asked by “the Obs,” historian Denis Peschanski recalls that this legislation ” led to the gathering of 47,000 foreigners in “Ggroups of foreign workersplaced under the dual authority of the Ministries of Labor and the Interior. A decision, he continues, in keeping with the logic of exclusion at the heart of the Vichy regime.”† The National Assembly, the historian is still afraid, is being recorded today” in the same kind of software

The End of Family Reunification

Let’s sum it up: Marine Le Pen in power, foreigners would be banned from some jobs. The law also provides for the possibility of robbing them ” association activities ” and ” professional or trade union representation “. Without resources (since it also undertakes to stop all family benefits and aid from some fifteen solidarity schemes), they would soon find themselves in a situation of expulsion, since the far-right president, moreover, in application of his program, had decided to leave France, the foreigners who have been unemployed for more than a year!And leave the “droit du sol” at the age of majority for their children who were born and lived in France.Family reunification is also over, with a few exceptions. As for foreigners who still want to settle in France under Lepenist rule, they will have to prove that they are” holders of an insurance contract that covers their medical expenses” because warns the candidate of the RN“they should not be a cost item for the social security system and for public finances”

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By breaking with the constitutional principle of equality, blocking foreigners’ access to many professions, depriving them of family benefits, canceling jus soli, tightening naturalization options and preventing families from being reunited, this entire policy has only one goal. that in the bill championed by Marine Le Pen: ” that the installation of foreigners on the national territory “can do nothing” change the composition and identity of the French people.† The RN candidate calls for an outburst she describes as ” civilization”. In that regard she is right.If it wins on April 24, France will no longer be France.

– Accuracy : Following the publication of this article, Marine Le Pen’s entourage wanted to respond. His chief of staff Renaud Labaye confirms to us that: “Double nationals are indeed affected by a possible ban on practicing in certain sectors. † But, he emphasizes, “Because it’s a constitutional text, the possibilities had to be wide open. Then the law is expected to limit the scope of the bans.”

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