6 little luxuries to include in your new home

Whether you’re building a home or remodeling a property that has lived (and character!), you’ll definitely want to personalize it as much as possible to enjoy every day.

In addition to improving your quality of life and beautifying your home, small, simple but effective luxuries can even increase the value of the property in the event of resale.

Here are 6 little luxuries to integrate without further delay into a home built or during renovations:

1. A powerful central vacuum cleaner

The central vacuum cleaner is an accessible and practical luxury: it really is the household revolution! Much more efficient than a broom and less tiring to drag from one room to another than a handheld vacuum cleaner, the central models are ultra-powerful and just as discreet. For even more luxury, use it with retractable hoses that disappear into the wall: neither seen nor known!

In addition, some models, such as the H725 Hybrid Central Vacuum Cleaner from Cyclovac (with a 25-year warranty), are equipped with two turbines that provide impressive suction power. They trap 99.5% of particles – even those as small as 0.3 microns – thanks to the ingenuity of their HEPA filter.

And to make household chores easier, opt for an automatic dust container and design drains so that they fit perfectly into your interior.

2. A service kitchen (butler’s pantry

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Initially, the butler’s pantry were transitional spaces between the kitchen and dining room used to store food and serving plates. Today, the space has been redesigned and can be used as a prep kitchen, coffee and cocktail station, or even a cellar.

Functional and practical, these corners can be hidden behind a door or a partition, or even placed in plain sight. Woodwork, minimalist storage accessories, colored lamps, stylized shelves: you have to see it butler’s pantry as a piece in itself!

To build it, you can mount a wall especially for the occasion or even transform a cabinet next to the kitchen.

3. Advanced and Quebec Lighting Fixtures

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As we know, lamps are used for much more than just creating atmosphere in the dark. Mounted to the wall, on a stand or as a chandelier, they manage to transform the look of a room.

By choosing a unique Quebec custom model, you are making a sustainable purchase that can adapt to all your decors.

For a classic and timeless look, opt for matte black, bronze or gold models. The mix of curves and straight lines in the same fixture is also trendy.

4. A large free-standing bath

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With the arrival of the trend house core, freestanding and freestanding baths are back in force. They differ visually from the corner models or the bath-shower combination.

If space permits, replace your bathtub with a curved-line model or a model vintage in colored enamel.

5. A tailor-made storage

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An original storage unit designed especially for your home catches the eye and at the same time helps to tidy up the room. It is the centerpiece of your dining room, office or living room!

Ask a furniture maker near you to make a shelf or bookcase from precious wood that fits perfectly into the chosen space.

For an even more spectacular effect, use it! All you have to do is mark it with decorative items such as candles, travel souvenirs, vinyl records or even your favorite books.

6. Beautiful doors to the courtyard

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Replacing the banal French doors (commonly called patio doors) with something less conventional gives you a peek west coast at your house.

A classic tiled garden fence fits perfectly into any interior. For a more modern effect, install black sash windows or a patio door that spans the entire wall.

As long as you’re doing renovations, treat yourself to a little local luxury! And keep your new home effortlessly clean with the Cyclovac central vacuum cleanersa long-term investment for your home!

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