9 essential tips for successfully organizing your culinary space

The modern white kitchen is the ultimate choice to bring contemporary elegance to your home. Light, bright and perfectly blended with beautiful natural materials, white as the predominant note in the culinary field is a favorite for lovers of clean aesthetics. Combining this trend color from 2022 with visually intriguing furniture, countertops, back walls and elements, a simplistic design is transformed into a stunning design. Find our advice to succeed in the mission!

White is popular in kitchen interiors and is often used to create an elegant and sophisticated look. The addition of colors on the walls, in the accessories or on the backsplashes makes it possible to create great contrasts in the design. Other designs, on the other hand, retain the sleek white look. White can make your room appear larger and, in the case of kitchens, reflects light where there are no windows to provide natural light.

1. Choose the shade of white well

modern off-white kitchen 2022

If you want your kitchen to look fresh and modern, choosing the right shade of white is essential. This is crucial because the different shades can be changed by light and shadows.

2. Bet on an interestingly shaped tile backsplash

modern white kitchen design

Opting for clean, solid white surfaces will give you a modern look, but too many of them can leave your kitchen looking sterile and lifeless. A very trendy trick to counteract this effect is to use geometrically shaped tiles. Even if you like to have a white backsplash to match your cabinets, molded white tiles with white add subtle texture and visual interest.

3. Prefer a neutral colored floor for your modern white kitchen

modern white kitchen cabinet without handle

Opt for the classic style in the kitchen. Buying a stone or porcelain floor is a home investment that often requires careful consideration. Our advice is to always choose a neutral floor for the ground floor and to inject color by means of wall paint and accessories. Finally, a lick of paint will be much easier to change in the coming years than a floor!

4. Follow the current trend with marble

white kitchen with wood and marble design

Marble has made a comeback in recent years. This noble material, which is extremely popular in kitchens, can look fantastic in a modern context when simpler designs are chosen and used in clean forms. Marble doesn’t have to be reserved for large spaces either – it’s perfect for small white kitchens.

5. Add texture with natural materials

modern white and wood kitchen 2022

White kitchens remain hugely popular, despite their reputation for being too sterile for a home environment. There are many ways to “warm up” the design, including introducing different materials into the project. Natural materials with texture and/or grain, such as wood or stone, are particularly effective.

6. Choose very dark or very light wood

modern white and light wood kitchen

If you plan to mix wood with white, think carefully about the color you choose to match your modern kitchen ideas. Different types of wood work well in a white kitchen, the most popular being oak and walnut. However, they create a more traditional kitchen scheme, so consider using hart ash or wenge—i.e. a very dark or light wood—for a more contemporary scheme.

7. Warm up the white modern kitchen with brass accents

modern white kitchen with brass accents

If you want to add small touches of alternative colors to warm up your white, consider using the golden and shiny hues of brass as an accent in your design. Indeed, using a variety of finishes and materials allows for layering and adding texture to a white kitchen. Brass accessories bring a touch of warmth to a neutral palette and create the illusion of a larger, lighter space.

8. Choose furniture without handles

modern white kitchen with cooking island

When it comes to kitchen cabinet ideas, following the European style through handle-less cabinet doors will bring an instant modern feel to your kitchen space.

When the budget doesn’t allow for dramatic features like marble, a focus on the small details can make all the difference. For example, a kitchen with white handle-less doors, combined with metal, colored or wooden frames, can really make a difference. These details are often inexpensive, but they add a touch of drama.

9. Brighten up your white kitchen with black accents

modern white kitchen with black accents 2022

To keep your white kitchen from looking dull, incorporate some drama and contrast into it. Placing black elements in the project is a great way to add structure and definition.

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