Thanks to the talent of the interior designer Géraldine Pangrazzi, this very secluded millstone has become a large and charming family home.

It is in a quiet tree-lined neighborhood in western Paris that this couple found the ideal home, a millstone on three floors with 70 m2 per levelperfect to watch their three children grow up there.

Before/After: creating a spacious and modern living space

“My clients wanted to settle there for years, to turn it into a warm family home that could evolve according to their needs,” explains Géraldine Pangrazzi, from Studio PK, in charge of the project. The house had many trumps, with its beautiful surface and its view of the surrounding nature. But she was in her own juice, with highly partitioned surfaceswho made the round not very fluent and seemed to run out of space. An extension in the 1980s had made it possible to create a dining room, but it was narrow and not very spacious. So it was necessary rearrange volumestear down wallstransform the old fireplace to make it more modern and harmonize the frames that were uneven.

Before / After: blue for a trendy interior

Blue was the common thread of the project, especially the color “Porte-coach” from Ressource, a blue-green color that can change shades depending on the light. The floor has regained homogeneity and warmth thanks to a beautiful parquet point of Hungary in eik, modernized by its raw appearance and the presence of a few knots. Finally a lot of work has been done relief, with the installation of many ramps and suspensions.

Blue and yellow: spring colors that go together

You may be wondering if the blue marries yellow † The answer is yes! This colorful duo vitamin brings sunny spring into our interior. By choosing a blue-green close to duck blue and a sparkling yellow, you favor the feeling of welfare and from good mood what we love in a house.

Article written by Bénédicte Le Guérinel from the magazine The house diary no. 540.