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Today, exchanging messages on WhatsApp and posting photos on Instagram has become as natural as breathing. Yet we are little aware of the world of professional opportunities that digital represents. And yet, when we look behind the screen, we realize that the sector is very vibrant. The digital revolution affects all areas of activity and the job offer is very strong. Atlas compiles a list of 10 particularly exciting professions.

Let’s start with numbers[1] making you dizzy (sit down better): 212,000 is the number of jobs to be filled in the digital sector by 2022, in France alone. Or almost three Stade de France. It’s just colossal! A dynamic that will not stop on such a good track, as an estimated 80% of the professions of 2030 do not yet exist. Yes, you may not know it, but tomorrow for example you could become a “chatbot coach”, let’s go crazy! In addition, the sector has a lack of candidates, 72% of companies in the provinces and 61% of companies in the Ile-de-France region experience recruitment difficulties.[2]† In addition to employment, digital offers real comfort and security and we honestly like that! Indeed, the sector comprises almost 93% of permanent contracts, compared to only 72% in the rest of the economy. Remarkable figures, about which Atlas wants to communicate. And rightly so, the mission of this skills operator is to support vocational training.

Digital jobs are everywhere

The reason for such statistics is simple: digital professions are deployed in all sectors of activity. They can be found, for example, in the fields of health, agriculture, cars, in short, everywhere! Big data, data management and security, cloud, artificial intelligence… Digital is always a real lever for performance and innovation. That is the place to be for a young graduate!

10 profiles recruiters pick up

Digital is a wide range of professions, but Atlas has compiled a top 10 professions that are even more promising than the others.

#1. UX designer, the altruist

missions. We’re not going to lie to each other, “UX”, a somewhat barbaric term meaning “User eXperience” (“user experience”, for those who skipped too many English lessons). The UX designer thinks beyond functionality to make an interface more ergonomic and intuitive. He begins by conducting his small Columbo-style survey to establish user expectations through interviews, surveys, and field studies. Then it gets to the heart of the matter, with the idea, design and finally prototyping phase.

Typical profile. The UX designer has a good digital and marketing culture. Empathetic and attentive, he likes to interact with users and all stakeholders.

Course. Bac +5. In the absence of specific training, a course in digital, multimedia, IT, digital arts or computer graphics is ideal. It is recommended to continue with an art school education or a master’s degree in psychology or sociology.

#2. Digital project manager, the conductor

missions. The digital project manager is primarily the conductor of a project. It sets the tone for various professionals (developers, graphic designers, editors, webmasters, hosts, SEOs, etc.). He writes the specifications, plans the production phases, ensures compliance with deadlines and budgets and ensures the achievement of objectives and customer satisfaction.

Typical profile. The digital project manager is rigorous by nature and must be able to manage several projects simultaneously, with many interlocutors.

Course. Bac +5 in web and computer science at university, specialist school or technical school.

#3. SEM manager, the strategist

missions. Here we enter the world of web reference. SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”. Hmm… OK, but what is “Search Engine Marketing”? These are paid referral processes (promotional links, keywords, banners, etc.). Depending on the objectives of his client, the SEM manager proposes an appropriate SEO strategy. It also takes care of the configuration and monitoring of campaign performance.

Typical profile. The SEM manager is familiar with numbers. He should be able to easily produce and analyze them, for example to adapt a live campaign.

Course. Bac +5 in business school or university with a specialization in web marketing, e-commerce or multimedia and internet.

#4. Web/Mobile Developer, Polyglot

missions. The developer creates software, sites or applications by writing lines of computer code. It also ensures the maintenance and evolution of the supports.

Typical profile. He is fluent in English and several computer languages ​​(notably Python and Java). The developer is very rigorous and must be able to poke his nose out of his lines of code to gain perspective and understand the customer’s problems. Finally, he must be resourceful to get around all the obstacles that stand in his way (and there are many), and not pull his hair out. As such, being bald is a major plus.

Course. Bac +2 (BTS or DUT Informatique) to bac +5 in computer science (technical school or specialized school). A bac +5 gives you more responsibilities from the start.

#5. CRM consultant, the big brother

missions. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultant is a customer relationship specialist. It acts as a service provider to support companies in their customer relationships. In fact, the CRM consultant looks a bit like Pascal’s big brother, without the tracksuit. He studies the needs of the customers of the companies for which he is responsible, he helps them to set up loyalty campaigns and solutions to optimize the customer relationship and he trains the staff accordingly.

Typical profile. He masters all customer relationship management tools. He should also have real listening skills and good interpersonal skills.

Course. Bac +5. Engineering or business school, master’s degree in customer relations and marketing, management sciences, MBA or school of information and communication.

#6. Community manager, the good friend

missions. Eyes on his phone, he’s a brand’s relay on the networks. There he develops a communication in phase with the objectives of this. It also manages crisis situations and ensures the moderation of exchanges and the e-reputation of the brand. His role is also to unite the community around shared values ​​and increase its volume.

Typical profile. He must have a good general and digital culture and master the production of digital content (writing, photos, videos, etc.).

Course. Bac +5. University, business school, IAE, IEP, preferably with a specialization in internet/new media.

#7. Data scientist, the nerd

missions. The data scientist is clearly the big star on the list! And rightly so, all companies are trying to exploit the trillions of bytes of data generated every day on the Internet. The data scientist is there to extract strategic information from raw data.

Typical profile. He masters key data processing tools and has a strong taste for numbers.

Course. Bac +5. Technical schools with a specialty in statistics or high-level courses in statistics, or university degree in statistics.

#8. System and network administrator, the technician

missions. A good computer network is to a company what a raclette evening is to the winter: a must. The system and network administrator guarantees the computer equipment used in the company (stock, power, software, configuration, etc.). On the data side, it ensures that the teams have access to everything they need and it secures the system to prevent loss or leakage.

Typical profile. He is versatile, masters all operating systems and network environments and has good knowledge of computer languages ​​and database structures. Finally, when a bug occurs, he needs to know how to keep his cool.

Course. Bac +2 to Bac +5. BTS IT and Network, Degree in IT Professions Option Management of Systems and Networks, Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Networks and Telecommunications or Network Engineer Training.

#9. Expert in cybersecurity, the wal

missions. The cybersecurity expert is a bit like The Mountain in GOT. He is a brave knight, specializing in computer system security and data protection. First, he removes the flaws in the company’s computer system. It protects data through password management, firewalls, antivirus, and ensures employees adhere to best practices.

Typical profile. The cybersecurity expert has excellent knowledge of system development, network management and security standards. He masters hard disk encryption, identification and firewall tools.

Course. Bac +5. Technical school with a specialization in cryptology and computer security, or professional master’s degree in information systems security. Note that a first experience as a system and network administrator is essential.

#10. AI engineer, the researcher

missions. As a researcher and computer scientist, he analyzes the functioning of the human brain on a particular subject. He then designs innovative computer programs with the same cognitive abilities as humans (learning, analysing, predicting). He works in a team with a whole network of professionals (statistician, automation engineer, linguist, ergonomist, etc.).

Typical profile. This professional is familiar with mathematics and statistics. He is also proficient in all branches of AI.

Course. Bac +5 to Bac +6. Master of engineering degree, specialized master in AI.

Work-study, the royal road to digital professions

In its mission to support vocational training, Atlas gives a prominent place to the development of apprenticeships. And that’s a good thing, because most digital professions are open to apprenticeships. And that is very good news!

On the one hand, because it increases their employability. The apprenticeship course makes it possible to develop solid professional skills, moreover, the apprenticeship students are very often recruited by the companies that have trained them.

On the other hand, because it is financially very interesting. The company covers the tuition fees and apprenticeship benefits from the employee benefits (salary, paid vacation, reimbursement of part of the transport costs, Ticket Restaurant, works council, etc.), while retaining the status of student, with the discounts and the associated resources .

Well, you know everything! What digital profession are you made for?

[1] Syntec Numérique biannual conference, December 2020 ( – talentdunumé, 2018)
[2] Regional Prospective Studies on the Digital, Technical, Consulting, Research and Events Professions, Conducted by Kyu Lab for the OPIIEC – National Consolidation of Regional Studies, April 2020

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