Bachelor in Procurement and Supply Chain: Training for the Future at PPA Business School

Through The fantastic studentpublished on January 25, 2022

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PPA Business School, a major business and management school for work studies, offers the Purchasing and Supply Chain Bachelor’s degree program dedicated to procurement and corporate supply chain management. An increasingly sought-after education that is worth the detour.

The business and management professions are not all about sales, communication or human resources. Other things, which at first sight are more difficult to grasp, are essential for the health of companies. This is the case with purchasing management and: supply chain, which can be translated as “supply chain”. All sectors together, the people responsible for purchasing and supply chain remain pillars of production and business, especially in the age of international trade. Without them, the products and services sold by companies would not see the light of day; they are responsible for purchasing raw materials or spare parts, working to find the right suppliers and ensuring the delivery of finished products to the end customer in a logic of optimization.

This is why the Grande Ecole de Commerce et de Management PPA Business School offers the Bachelor in Purchasing and Supply Chain, accessible after the baccalaureate or at baccalaureate +1/+2, which takes place alternately for maximum practice and learning. †

Bachelor Purchasing and Supply Chain: what does this promising program consist of?

There is a world between the raspberries available from the local market gardener and the ice creams that the customer tastes, and it is precisely in this – exciting – world that PPA Business School’s Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Chain invites you to dive through a rich and solid education. Within the Purchasing and Supply Chain bachelor you are made aware of the purchases that are useful for the production of a product or service and subsequently the rationalization of the supply chain, the supply chain.

All courses in the Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain focus on the implementation of procurement and supply chain management techniques. supply chain to meet today’s business challenges. How do you sign with the right suppliers? How to manage an international sales team? How to make the amount of raw materials profitable? How to manage the stock? How to choose the mode of transport adapted to the company’s objectives and its deadlines? So many questions thoroughly addressed and addressed to become a Logistics Manager Assistant, Junior Buyer, International Purchasing Manager or even Inventory Manager. High employability professions where you are never bored, which mix concrete, strategy and relational. The average salary for the first job in this sector is 33.9 K.

Work-study training, the best “career springboard”

The purchase and supply chain recruits. But to stand out, nothing beats a resume enriched with experience. Working-studying is therefore a key word within PPA Business School: all students, regardless of their education, divide their time between theory and practice. In this way they are directly confronted with reality. A way to apply your knowledge in the field and turn it into real skills, but also to progress in the school environment thanks to lessons learned in business.

From the first year of the Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Chain, the students go through between three days in school and two days in the company, then the pace changes in the third year to one day in school and four days in the company. The school naturally accompanies them in their search for a company, so that everyone can integrate the structure of their choice, in accordance with their wishes. The students are guided in the realization of their CV and the writing of their cover letter and participate in events dedicated to recruitment, where they meet companies ready to welcome them.

Continue, the Masters Purchasing and Supply Chain

After the three-year Bachelor in Procurement and Supply Chain, students obtain the title of “Commercial Affairs and International Development Manager”, a level 6 recognized by the state. To continue, they can apply for the Master in Management. Become a Chain Masters and Purchasing Manager or Supply Chain Manager.

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