Cleaning your house with salt? Testing the properties of this natural cleanser is easy and risk-free

Every time a general or partial cleaning is scheduled, the inventory of cleaners in the closet is checked. The reserves of white vinegar and baking soda are sufficient and you are reassured. On the other hand, did you know that the famous duo can be supplemented with a third agent with poorly known cleansing properties? If the idea of ​​cleaning your home with salt seems a bit far-fetched, give it a try and we’ll talk about it.

Why clean your house with salt?

Do you know the story of the king who drove his youngest daughter out of the house because she told him she loved him like salt? The two eldest daughters compared childhood love to gold and silver. When the father estimated the value of salt a few years later, he understood the wise words of his little girl. You cannot do without salt in the kitchen, but to realize its role as a cleaner in addition to baking soda, for example, you need to know its properties. To clean your home with salt, you need to be able to rely on properties such as abrasiveness, absorption and the ability to disinfect.

clean your house with salt realize the role detergent know baking soda properties

Salt adds flavor to everything, and while you won’t be able to remember meals from it, its consumption should be moderate. Small amounts in the diet will reduce the acidification of the body. Obviously, the utility of salt in cooking is great but reasonable. So, is it the same if you decide to clean your house with salt? Where is it in the list of natural household cleaners?

clean your home with salt Epsom salt garden plant booster Himalayan salt body

Still, buying salt is easy. In a supermarket you can choose at least a dozen different salts, even more. the garden epsom salt to boost his plants or pink Himalayan salt that works wonders for the body. But whether it’s sea salt from France or regular table salt, the formula is essentially the same. Salt, made up of a sodium atom and a chlorine atom, has a low charge, making it very attractive to water. It is therefore a good preservative for processes such as pickling and drying.

clean your home with water absorbing grade salt lower freezing point

This quality of water absorption is also why salt lowers the freezing point of water and is used in winter to clean the house with salt, especially the driveways of snow.

clean your house with salt scrape stains food bits sticky residue residue

Closely observed, we find that salt is composed of small crystals. Individual grains of salt have sharp edges that, like sandpaper, can be used to remove stains, food particles, sticky deposits and other residue. And since salt is something we eat anyway, it can be used on surfaces that come into contact with food. Combine salt with an acid (such as vinegar) and you can scrub rust off just about any surface, even tile.

clean the house with salt remove liquid damage furniture dry out wood

Another trick is to mix a little salt with olive or vegetable oil to remove liquid damage from wood furniture without drying it out. Note: do not rub and never use the salt without a greasy liquid to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Take advantage of salt intake

how to clean your house with salt sprinkle liquid spill fresh red wine

When butcher shops were the norm, customers may have glimpsed an unused wooden cutting board covered in salt. It was a tradition among butchers, and there was a real scientific reason behind it: Salt absorbs liquids that get into the grooves of butcher blocks. The result ? Pathogenic bacteria have neither the chance to multiply nor where to do so.

The ability to absorb salt can be surprisingly useful on the cutting board. Sprinkle cool spills (such as red wine) with salt to avoid staining carpets or clothing. Pour a little salt into damp, smelly shoes, leave them overnight and find them refreshed in the morning.

Namely that a recent greasy stain is easy to clean if it is covered with salt right after the stain.

What is the effect of combining salt with an acid?

clean house with coarse salt keep sink drains clean and deodorized clean oven

When salt dissolves in an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar, sodium and chlorine atoms are released, and these charged particles create powerful chemical reactions: Both agents can keep sink drains clean and odor-free. A paste of salt and vinegar will make your oven shine and remove rust from all kinds of surfaces.

wash the house with coarse salt surprisingly useful absorbency cutting board

Put salt in half a squeezed lemon to thoroughly clean your wooden cutting boards or to polish stainless steel accessories. You may answer, where is the baking soda? Without questioning its power, but don’t forget the first property of salt: it is more abrasive than sodium.

Keep ants away: clean the house with salt

how to clean your house with coarse salt keep away invading house ants

The invasion of ants in the house is not a rare phenomenon? Every spring, when they come out of the anthills, they rush into houses in search of food. How to keep them away?

Sprinkle salt along windowsills, doors, baseboards or anywhere ants crawl. It is a way to deter small animals without chemicals.

Salt is effective for cleaning porcelain

why clean a house with dish soap and dishwashing cups?

You must have had the problem with the brownish stains left behind in the china coffee cups. The solution is to mix some salt with dish soap and scrub it.

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