colours, materials, styles… All fittings will follow this year!

What are the new modern kitchen trends in 2022? More than ever, the gourmet room plays a crucial role in the living environment. Whether open or semi-open, small or spacious, vintage or hygge style, during the pandemic it has become the favorite space for young and old to eat, play and have a drink together. aperitif with friends or we telecommute in a friendly atmosphere . A trend that promises to continue this year. So, what’s new in kitchen materials, styles and colors in 2022? takes stock to help you make it a welcoming, friendly and warm cocoon.

Colours, materials, styles: Focus on modern kitchen trends 2022

Modern kitchens are becoming more beautiful and user-friendly, and they are constantly reinventing themselves. After the covid-19 pandemic, the French are increasingly seduced by the layout and furnishing of this living room to make it a cozy, functional and trendy place. However, it must be said that this enthusiasm is not trivial. There are many reasons to call the kitchen the heart of the home.

modern kitchen layout 2022 trend vintage deco style materials color trends

First of all, there is the national love for gastronomy, but also the changing way of life. Between the desire to eat healthy, reduce food waste, prepare yourself, share or even telecommute in peace of mind, the interest in cooking is in the midst of a revolution. And this can be clearly seen in the 2022 catalogs that compete in creativity and inventiveness to offer us solutions adapted to our needs. Design, technology, sustainability and modularity are at the heart of current trends. So, without further ado, here are the colors, materials and styles that will make the kitchen the most decorative room in the house this year.

The kitchen trend of 2022 is soft and natural tones

modern kitchen trends 2022 white color trend pinterst ikea

With soft, natural tones to compensate for the gloomy surroundings and the inviting spring in the kitchen, this is THE kitchen trend that is making itself more pronounced than ever. In 2022 we are therefore happy to opt for pastel colors with a matte finish that we mix without hesitation to create contrasts. Another big trend in the gourmet room? Geometric lines in sunny colors. The duo of sage green and terracotta turns your kitchen into an old-fashioned place with Art Deco inspiration. In 2022, however, bright colors will not be surpassed. The colorblock trend will no longer be reserved for fashionistas. It now finds its favorite place in the kitchen where it brings out a lively and sharp nuance in a monolithic rendering.

Daring materials for a mix&match kitchen

green modern kitchen materials trend 2022 mix&match style

Preferring bold materials, the mix&match style will be everywhere in 2022. Also in our living rooms and kitchens, which will brilliantly mix different woods, lacquers, metals and natural stone to compose an original interior decoration. Choose a gray kitchen with natural oak fronts, a natural stone sideboard and a chrome mixer tap. And because the modern kitchen of 2022 is inspired by nature, it must contain furniture and accessories that respect it. Recycled wood furniture, a compost bin, a vegetable dish or a DIY mini vegetable garden are just a few of the eco-friendly ideas to consider.

The vintage style in the spotlight in the modern kitchen 2022

kitchen trends 2022 modern vintage style pinterest

If the kitchen trend of 2022 is wood, some kitchen designers dare to use it in a vintage style. Strongly inspired by the 1950s, the retro chic kitchen combines triangular fronts in solid wood and a marble worktop. Another style to dare in the modern kitchen in 2022? The hygge vibe! Straight from Denmark, it translates into minimalist lines, soft tones, a monochrome look and carefully selected objects for their emotional value. Impossible not to notice, the kitchen in style Home office will force itself into our lives, and in particular the gastronomic room, to reserve a place for teleworking there.

2022 marks the return of retractable kitchens

deco and layout white kitchen trend 2022 marble retractable design

Very popular over the years eighties, the pull-out kitchen is back in 2022. Why do we love it? Although it is compact enough to fit in a cupboard, it concentrates all the main functions of a professional kitchen. The 2022 kitchenette is equipped with a retractable door system and is available in a wide range of finishes and accessories, such as a retro-style illuminated aluminum sideboard and practical wall storage. In order not to spoil the unique design, pay special attention to the decoration misstep of the year: poor lighting!

Home office style kitchen

kitchen design trend 2022 telecommuting home office mind

Trendy kitchen in marble and solid wood

kitchen trend 2022 white vintage style in solid wood marble worktop

A recycled kitchen

trendy kitchen design 2022 recycled materials recycled kitchen

A laboratory-style kitchen that leaves the storage visible

modern open kitchen design trend 2022 smart storage

A color block kitchen

kitchen trends 2022 modern style kitchen color block color natural materials vintage spirit

A minimalist kitchen

top kitchen trends 2022 spring

Modern kitchen in natural wood and soft colors

trendy kitchen layout 2022 modern materials style deco colors

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