Dethleffs Globebus I1: test of a compact integral full of charm

Dethleffs Globebus I1 integral test. One of the few compact motorhomes on the premium market. 5.99 m long, this model is barely wider than a motorhome: 2.20 m. Text: Delphine Besana; photos: Thomas Jamet

At a time when compact motorhomes are on the rise, the German manufacturer has completely reworked its Globebus range. Four in number (two low-profile and two integral) the models all benefit from a change in design and interior atmosphere. Among them the Globebus I1. Built on a Fiat Ducato 140 hp, this 5.99 m A-Class offers a transverse bed and an L-shaped living room and combines all the guarantees of comfort, on the road and at a stopover.

Datasheet Dethleffs Globebus i1

  • Carrier : Fiat Ducato 2.2 l – 140 hp
  • LxWxH: 5.99 x 2.20 x 2.81 m
  • GVW / CU: 3500/769 kg
  • Places road / night: 4 / 4
  • Kitchen : 2 burner stove, 142 liter refrigerator.
  • Sleeping places: Transverse double bed 144 x 198 cm, 13 cm thick mattress on slatted base, cabin bed 146 x 182 cm.
  • Technic: gas (2 x 13 kg), EP/EU (114/90 litres), Truma combi 6 heating, AGM 95 Ah battery.
  • Price: from € 70,430

Long before compactness became a big trend, Dethleffs was one of the first brands to offer shorter motorhomes with a smaller width with its Globebus. It was in 2007, already 15 years ago! For the 2022 collection, Dethleffs has refocused its offering by offering four models with transverse bed or twin beds, available as integral or profiled. Among them the Globebus I1. With a length of 5.99 m and a width of 2.20 m, this integral is the most compact on the market. A format similar to vans, which will especially appeal to those who want to keep some sensations behind the wheel of their motorhome.

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Compact motorhome like a van

On the road, it can count on a 140 hp engine and the driving is easy, as we could judge by driving a few hundred kilometers on the roads of the Vosges. The wheelbase of 3.45 m (compared to 4.035 m for a van of the same size) and above all the 1.59 m overhang facilitate manoeuvring. The panoramic windscreen and bus-style rear-view mirrors with double mirror provide excellent visibility and enhance driving pleasure.

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Our Globebus has been expanded with the GT package

The Globebus I1 receives a successful aesthetic treatment and seduces with its perfectly flowing silhouette. The body design is neat and shows an elegant and modern silhouette with a nice front end. For an additional €3,190, the GT package gives a sportier look thanks to a red trim on the walls and bumper trim. On the design side, for 2022, the manufacturer has abandoned the aluminum housing to use polyester. An asset in terms of sound insulation and resistance to hail and scratches. Another development: the atmosphere in the interior. The new wall cabinet doors with a matt sideboard and a gray insert without handles bring more softness to all the furniture.

Interior comfort: like a big one

Despite its small size, this integral of less than 6.00 m surprises with its remarkable habitability and preserves the well-being on board. Starting with the lounge area that combines a forward-facing sofa (78 x 49 cm) with headrest and three-point belts (and a slightly bevelled L-shaped backrest) for a sliding side table (90 x 55 cm) and has all the qualities to be in good conditions receive. The swiveling cabin seats allow four guests to sit in a friendly and bright space, thanks to the presence of a large skylight and two large bay windows. However, watch out for the 12 cm high step to access the cab. Above this is the manually operated cabin bed (146 x 182 cm) and offers comfortable sleeping accommodation for two people.

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Well designed kitchen

The kitchen confirms that Dethleffs has mastered the art of rationalization. It is located to the left of the passenger compartment door (same layout as in a fitted van) and shows a functional space equipped with a 2-burner stove, a stainless steel sink and a large storage space in the form of a drawer in the lower part and roof cupboards. Please note that the medium-sized folding worktop (25 x 32 cm) does not block the door of the living area. As for the 142 liter fridge, it is located at the end of the kitchen unit, attached to the bedroom for the French market. It should be noted that the circulation to the cabin is carried out through a wide 53 cm corridor, practical and comfortable.

All inclusive bathroom

As for the bathroom, located opposite the kitchen, it combines in the same compartment toilet, sink and shower. Clever: the partition that supports the washbasin, surmounted by a large backlit mirror, hinges against the wall to create a functional and suitable shower area (56 x p77 cm), even if the wheel arch is large. To completely insulate it, simply close the sliding door with the wooden cladding and fold in a transparent sheet.

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Transverse bed and pull-down bed

Unsurprisingly, the master bed is at the rear. This is a transverse double bed on a comfortable handle (144 x 198 cm) with a 13 cm thick mattress on a slatted base. Located at a height of 110 cm, access can prove to be restrictive. However, you can count on a small sliding step (hidden under the fridge) to facilitate access to the bed. Brightness and ventilation are provided by two side windows and a transparent skylight. The niches and the two roof cupboards provide sufficient storage space. Practically, there is a wardrobe under the bed. A curtain isolates the sleeping area for more privacy.

Record garage and payload

In addition to the storage space in the passenger compartment, it has a voluminous hold (90 x 107 h cm), accessible through two ports from the outside or under the bed from the inside. It is equipped with a non-slip floor, heating and even lighting. We regret the presence of the gas box which affects the volume of the hold. Offered from €70,430 on the Fiat Ducato with the 140 hp engine, the Globebus I1 has solid standard driver assistance and safety equipment… not to mention a payload of more than 769 kg (manufacturer data). This is the most important for a compact integral of less than 6.00 m!

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Our opinion

At 5.99 m, the Globebus I1 ensures well-being on board and offers a functional layout suitable for four people. The quality production is a success. Comfortable berths, functional galley, plenty of storage space… even if the toilet area loses a bit of livability, the shortest A-Class on the market can count on a hefty standard equipment, especially if you add the GT Pack… Even if the price may seem high, it is a way to study for anyone looking at the motorhome from its compactness, because driving pleasure and sensations are comparable to those of a van.


  • Compact mold
  • Short wheelbase and therefore easy to manoeuvre
  • Large payload
  • Storage capacity
  • Comfortable master bed
  • Modern look

the inferior

  • Bed access
  • Wheel arch in the shower
  • Beveled L-shaped lounge

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