Fashion professions: towards commerce

Through the studentpublished on November 08, 2021

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Buyer, marketing director, e-merchandiser, the sales professions in the fashion sector are many and varied. Faced with new environmental and economic challenges, they are a real boon for students who want to work in commerce and fashion.

Trade: what education to work in fashion?

business school True University education † Which route to choose if you want work in fashion and commerce† From bac pro to bac+5, there are several possible courses in the sale† If you are passionate about fashion then you can specialize.

It is possible to choose a general baccalaureate or a professional baccalaureate trade and sales: option A animation and management of the commercial space or option B customer prospecting and promotion of the commercial offer. With this you acquire the basis to become commercial breakshop tradertbreederor Cash desk

However, it is strongly recommended to bac+2 or bac+3 level to enrich their knowledge and experience in the field: BTS MCO (operational sales management), BTS NDRC (negotiation and digitization of the commercial relationship), TARGET TC(marketing techniques) and professional licensebachelor’s degree in business school for example.

If you are looking for positions of high responsibility, you should continue your studies by a master’s degree in business schoolor at theUniversity

Some fashion schools also allows you to learn the concepts of sales and trading.

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What careers in commerce after fashion school?

After a fashion schoolmixed with studies in commerce, you can integrate functions such as BuyerProduct manageror visual merchandiser

Responsible for purchasing products to stock a store’s shelves, theBuyernegotiate prices, quantities and delivery times. Passionate about fashion he must be aware of the trends and stay on standby.

the fashion product manager anticipates trends, thinks along future collectionsand works together with the production team, creatorssellers and buyers.

guarantor ofvisual identity of a store the visual merchandiseroptimizes sales thanks to the optimal placement of products in the shop window, in the store or on the website, then we speak of e-merchandise

Sales and Fashion Salaries

In the saleand the fashion , salaries differ depending on the job title, the size of the store and the company they work for. For example, a seller in ready-to-wear hits the minimum wage at the start of his career while a collection manager receive a maximum of € 50,000 gross per year.

In short, the greater your responsibilities, the higher your compensation. A cash manager receives annually between 28 and 30,000 € gross. A Product manager True Buyermeanwhile receives a salary of approximately € 40,000 gross per year.

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