Here are our top 5 colors that should be a hit this spring 2022!

It would be the favorite piece of the French. In fact, more than one in two French people would spend most of their time there. And not just for cooking… Gray is a safe choice in the kitchen. Sober and elegant, available in different shades, including anthracite, mouse or mother-of-pearl. What color do you associate with gray? In order not to get tired and get a too dull display, know that you can combine it with different tones and colors. Here are 5 trendy colors you can adopt as soon as possible in the spring of 2022.

What color do you associate with gray in the kitchen?

The idea here is to accentuate the gray by combining it with other trendy colors. Indeed, to do this, you can mix this shade with more dynamic and spring colors, such as navy blue, curry yellow or even the most original raspberry pink. Likewise, nothing and no one stands in the way of mixing pastel shades with grey, such as powder pink, aniseed green or even cream, for an elegant and understated look. A brief overview of our top 5 options available to you.

Yellow to brighten up the room

combine yellow with gray in an open kitchen 2022

Opting for a yellow and gray kitchen is very fashionable in 2022. To create a warm atmosphere, dare to use tone on tone. Lemon yellow is on the rise this spring. You have carte blanche to make the most of it. The goal is to create a piece that looks like you.

yellow with gray for a trendy kitchen 2022

For example, if your kitchen opens up to the dining room, the spring table decoration with matte or flashy yellow tablecloth will complement your decor. To add a layer of the cheerfulness we really need this year, you can also carry out a complete makeover: furniture, tiles, wall…

And if you associate the color orange with gray?

associate orange with gray in the kitchen trend 2022

If your kitchen walls are light gray, charcoal gray or even pearl gray, we recommend adding a few orange accents. You can use this color on your various kitchen furniture, especially cabinets. Likewise, it is just as much fun for you to create a gray-orange combination on the back wall.

red orange combination in the kitchen 2022

If you have an open kitchen, keep the stools, suspensions, and gray center island. Decorate the rest of the room with small orange accents. So why not bet on orange cushions on the chairs that surround your gray dining table.

The color red to spice up

what color do you associate with gray in the kitchen red

There’s nothing like red to wake up a modern gray kitchen. By taking care of an interior decoration that does not burden the space, you will get the most fashionable red-grey kitchen. For this, we recommend that you choose neutral colors such as white for both your kitchen utensils and your appliances.

gray red combination in the kitchen

This choice allows you to create a friendly kitchen. Don’t hesitate to add a few white accents to the wall cabinets and wooden furniture. In general, white walls go well with a red/grey kitchen. Finally, if you dare, know that the raspberry red color is very fashionable and can be used in any kitchen.

The green color to combine with gray in the kitchen

gray-green in the kitchen trend of spring 2022

Green and gray are also a nice combination in the kitchen. To cook in an oasis of peace and in a friendly atmosphere, you can rely on this association, a real safe bet at the moment. However, don’t overload if you have to furnish a small kitchen. Just make sure every color can find its place.

how do you combine green with gray in the kitchen trend 2022

In the same way, kitchens with gray and green tones can be associated with other shades such as pastel and various bright colors. In case you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen then the choice will be greater. Finally, if you feel like it, turn all your utensils green: plates, glasses and cutlery. Guaranteed impact!

A little originality with purple

a touch of purple in a gray kitchen

If you’re not sure what color to associate with gray to bring a touch of fantasy to your room, consider purple. This is the original color trend this spring. Why deprive yourself of it? She has it all, because she harmonizes pleasantly with the gray color. However, to make the fitted kitchen bright, timeless and cozy, you should use this color in small details.

gray-purple combination in the kitchen

Gray walls and purple furniture can of course be combined. This way you get a bright and inviting kitchen color. And for more modernity, you can use this color in your various storage areas: drawers, kitchen cabinets or shelves, you’re spoiled for choice!

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