How to improve the customer experience with a CCaaS solution?

How does CCaaS work?

In an increasingly competitive environment, consumers have become more demanding, but also impatient. The challenge is therefore to provide them with the highest quality of service, regardless of the context (transaction, after-sales service, complaint or request for information).

CCaaS, an English acronym that stands for contact center as a service, stands for all automation solutions that make it possible to build, improve and maintain customer relationships. Available in the cloud, like other outsourced business software such as SaaS (Software as a Service), the virtual contact center generally works over VoIP. In other words, all contact points are managed from their origin over the internet. So it is easier to multiply the different communication channels, centralized within a single interface. Experts love Odigospecialized in CCaaS for more than 25 years, can fully support all connections between customer and company: a godsend for companies that want to deploy an omnichannel strategy!

Virtual contact centers that are accessible in the cloud are also very beneficial for employees, as they allow them to become more fluid and provide more quality interactions. True support for operators, CCaaS empowers them to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Of course, waiting times are shortened and the consumer is put in direct contact with the contact person who can best respond to his request.

How do you benefit from virtual contact centers?

Contact center outsourcing makes it easier to manage all customer interactions by bundling phone calls, chatbots, emails, and questions asked through social media. It is therefore the objective for companies to set up multiple communication channels based on artificial intelligence in order to give its customers the widest possible choice. Continuous and relay operation ensures customer requests are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The deployment of a CCaaS is a significant investment, but pays for itself quickly. Improved response processing helps streamline call centers and save valuable time. In addition, pay-as-you-go models help reduce costs in the long run.

To maintain the virtual contact center’s performance in terms of performance, it is essential to integrate the tool’s scalability prospects. The latter must be able to adapt to the major changes that characterize the company’s economic model. For example, it should be possible to easily add new contact methods or create teams on international sites, taking into account time zones and local specificities.

Finally, it is essential to leverage the reporting information to obtain maximum efficiency. Most solutions provide access to call statistics, centralizing valuable information. By comparing data on contact mode, length of conversations and their contextualization, you have reliable resources to develop the best strategy and guide your teams.

What is the best CCaaS solution?

Now well established in the market, virtual contact centers have multiplied. Many providers offer outsourcing services for cloud call centers. However, software integration requires quality support, in terms of implementation and support functions as well as user training. It is also necessary to choose a solution capable of covering the most specific business needs. The volume of calls can vary greatly from sector to sector. In e-commerce businesses where customer relationship is paramount, resources deployed must meet demand.

The key to success often lies in well-defined specifications, which emphasize the needs of the company and its objectives. The growth prospects are significant when the contact center architecture is pre-designed and customized. It is thus possible to link the CCaaS to a CRM software, to optimize customer support at every stage or even anticipate their expectations.

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