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New technologies such as electric and hybrid engines are as fascinating as the cars themselves.

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The automotive industry is extremely exciting and new technologies such as electric and hybrid engines are just as fascinating as the cars themselves. Learning a trade in the automotive industry is also good
future prospects. The Swiss Professional Automobile Association (UPSA*) will of course help you
also to find an internship in a profession of the industry or an internship position

Question from a reader of “20minutes”

Last week I carefully read the special edition on training because my daughter is looking for a motivational internship. She is interested in cars, but doesn’t know yet whether she really wants to work in a workshop or rather in sales. What are her options and can she possibly get help in finding an internship?

Response from Olivier Maeder of UPSA

As head of training for the Swiss Automotive Association, I am delighted that your daughter is interested in a profession in our sector. Indeed, the automotive sector needs young professionals who are motivated and eager to move forward in life. And a job in this sector offers great prospects for the future.
with interesting and attractive development and promotion opportunities.

Given how fast propulsion technologies are currently changing, your daughter will certainly not be bored, both in the workshop and in sales, where new skills in advising on the different types of propulsion are needed.

The excellent results of the Swiss delegation at the Euro Cup, an international professional championship, show how good the training in the automotive sector is. Indeed, Florent Lacilla took the best result in five of the competition’s six positions, taking a clear win. The successes of the entire Swiss delegation were further proof of the smooth functioning of cooperation in the dual vocational training system. The “SwissSkills” will be the next national showcase for automotive professions in Bern from September 7 to 11, 2022. It is also possible to attend this event on site, if your daughter would like to take advantage of an exciting glimpse into our professional world.

It is well worth it for your daughter to first pass an aptitude test for technical professions specially proposed and conducted by the sections of the UPSA. The latter makes it possible to determine from the many options offered which basic training best suits the needs and to
learning breaks, because interest in cars is no longer enough given the multitude of skills and mobility services a mechanic must have today. You must also have a solid academic background.

The aptitude test is one of the options. Another option (no doubt very clever!) is to offer your daughter a pre-professional apprenticeship in a garage so she can learn more about everyday professional life. In collaboration with Yousty, the UPSA participates in the active marketing of apprenticeships and offers complete information on the platform or on its website, including videos on the various basic training courses mechatronics (ne) CFC cars and
commercial employee CFC in the automotive sector as well as the new offer of retail manager CFC After-Sales Automotive or also Sales Automotive. Via your daughter can also look for a pre-professional internship in the automotive industry throughout Switzerland.

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*The Union of Swiss Automotive Professionals (UPSA) is the association of Swiss mechanics. About 4,000 companies with a total of 39,000 employees (including 9,000 young people in pre- and further training) ensure that we can travel reliably, safely and eco-efficiently. The team of experts that will answer your questions includes: Markus Aegerter (Commerce and Services), Olivier Maeder (Training), Markus Peter (Technical and Environment) and UPSA Attorney Olivia Solari (Law).

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