Launch of the 1st Quality Label for Digital Marketing Training by the CPA, DMA, IAB and MMA

The four main professional associations (CPA, DMA France, IAB France, Mobile Marketing Association), covering all digital marketing professions and representing more than 500 companies and 200,000 employees, have developed a quality label, with the aim of promoting the employability of students and young graduates by giving them training that is as close as possible to the developments in the digital marketing professions.

An approach aimed at validating the suitability between the classes offered by training in the digital world and the expectations of companies, in order to facilitate the integration of students and young graduates.

The DMS label is primarily intended for all diploma courses at BAC+5 in the following areas: Digital, Communication, Marketing, Advertising, E-business, Data Marketing.

Several training institutes have already expressed an interest in the label and have started the certification process. The first jury will meet as a label committee on March 31, 2022 to select the first label training courses.

“We are delighted with the close and friendly collaboration between the CPA, the DMA France, the IAB France and the Mobile Marketing Association which gives a strong legitimacy to the Label Digital Marketing School. It is the result of the joint work of the main professional associations to improve relations between students, training institutions and companies. This is an essential step to support the growth of our market.”

François Deltour, president of the association leading the Label Digital Marketing School

Why a Digital Marketing School Label?

Companies in the online advertising sector plan to open 3,500 jobs by 2022*, while a third of employers agree that the skills shortage is greater than a year ago**.

In the world of communication and digital marketing, tools, skills and professions are constantly changing: new jobs created, new business needs. On the one hand, the academic world that cannot keep up with all trends on its own, and on the other, fast-growing companies that need specific skills, in internships, apprenticeships and permanent contracts.

The Label Digital Marketing School embodies the meeting of the four major associations of professionals in the sector who want to build operational “bridges” between future young graduates and companies in the market. In addition to validating classes against industry standards and recommendations, the aim of the label is also to nurture the ecosystem of students and professors by facilitating the establishment of conferences, operational seminars and other events related to business players and business needs. In addition, privileged access is reserved for students of accredited institutions to obtain internships, apprenticeship programs or permanent contracts.

A wide range of professions involved

Given the multitude of professions that make up Digital Marketing, companies in the sector have an ongoing need for diversified, qualified and operational profiles. With a particular difficulty: these professions are evolving rapidly, under the double impetus of technological progress and changes in consumption patterns, implying regular adaptation of training in digital marketing.

To create the conditions for serene growth, companies are involved through the DMS Label in training their future employees in professions such as: SEO strategist, growth hacker, social media manager, content strategist, UX designer, email marketing manager, mobile web project manager, CRM Manager, Web Editorial Manager, Data Scientist, Paid Media Manager, Ecommerce Manager, Affiliate Manager, Media Merchant, Customer Success Manager, Acquisition Manager, etc.

The jury members of the labeling committee:

  • Judith Fichet, Marketing & Customer Experience Director BNP Paribas
  • Pierre Gauthier, Commercial Director Channel Factory
  • Goulven Aubrée, General Manager Edgewhere
  • Bruno Florence, Founder and Director Florence Consultant
  • Catherine Sedillière, France Google Advertising Industry Relations Manager
  • Mykim Chikli, Chief Executive Officer EM Weborama
  • Matthieu Raiffe, founder of Hoot Com
  • Federica Postorino, Country Manager France Tradedoubler

The professional associations initiated by the label:

  • The Collective for Digital Marketing Actors is the professional association of digital marketing actors, a sector of activity that forms the basis of any digital acquisition strategy.
  • The DMA France (Data & Marketing Association France) is the reference organization in the field of multichannel data marketing at the service of professionals and institutions.
  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau France (IAB France) brings together the players in digital communication.
  • The primary mission of the Mobile Marketing Association is to accelerate marketing transformation and innovation through mobile.

Asterès survey by the IAB and the Mobile Marketing Association
** Sample study “Future of Work 2021”

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