Luxury marketing: everything about the profession

The professions of marketing and luxury trade are essential links in this sector. With the aim of developing the image of a luxury brand, encouraging purchases or building customer loyalty, these professions offer many perspectives.

What is luxury marketing?

Strengthened by its international influence and its position as a leader in the global market, the luxury à la française let you dream. Artificialgastronomyfashion hotel, there are many sectors of activity that result from this. : a blessing for students.

the luxury marketing uses the codes of traditional marketing by specializing in high-quality products with its own codes (rarity, quality, aesthetics, sophistication and value) with the specific aim of increasing the number of sales, social networks and theweb traffic acquisition or think about it boutique merchandising or from website

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E-commerce: the future of luxury?

Assuming the digital tools were not in phase with the values ​​of rarity andpersonalized customer experiencee, the sluxury sector has long been reluctant to digitize it.

the luxury started anyway digital transformation to take on new challenges economicsocial and technological† The closure of stores due to the health crisis has pushed this shift from luxury sector in the era digital† Winning bet, as total luxury sales increased from 12% to 23% during the year 2020.

How to integrate luxury?

To reply to the codes from luxurydemanding skills and qualifications are expected.

It’s not enough to be skillfulcuriousrigorous and have a mind artistic and creative You must also show one team spirit developed, from adaptability and a big one Analytical skills and of synthesis

You guaranteebrand image and you have to. be able to pass on passion for luxury to customers. Due to the global reach of this sector, proficiency in English and even other foreign languages ​​(Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc.) is an undeniable asset. It is also important to develop management skills to take responsibility and evolve within teams. Faced with technological challenges, mastering computing and digital tools is also essential.

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Studies to work in luxury marketing

Courses for working in the luxury marketing depend on the desired specialization. This choice determines the duration of the training: 2 years for a BTS, 3 years for a license, 5 to 6 years for a master.

It is possible to do your post-baccalaureate studies at the university or in a school specializing in commerce, marketing, management, luxury, fashion, hotels, restaurants, etc. BTS luxury† BTS design by fashiontextileand environment† professional marketing license: luxury † bachelor education hotel† master management of luxury … Numerous options are available to you.

You will learn the basics of digital by marketing and tradewill develop your culture of luxury and your level of foreign languages. The further you go in your studies, the higher the expectations will be.

These courses usually offer professional trainingwhich you can gain experience in the field.

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Careers in Luxury Marketing and Commerce

After your studies in the tradeand luxury marketing you will have the opportunity to function of your choice. Here are some examples.

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the visual goods r and dee-merchandiser have the same goal: to optimize the visual and location of the products of a shop of luxury physically or online.

the store manager by luxury manages a product sales territory from the top shelf † decision making, the management and the customer satisfaction are its main duties.

l’Buyer is primarily responsible for identifying luxury products with potential and to negotiate with suppliers. This profession is generally found in fashion sectorsor so cosmetics.

the e-marketing managerdetermines the strategy commercial breakand marketingrespond luxury codes† He then executes it and makes sure it is applied properly.

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