Make a museum of the metaverse? Back to the Future for Historic Sites

Welcome to the Animus! – Metaverse events around ancient and historic sites may soon become a reality for new tourism. This is how the Hermitage Museum was opened his doors in the metaverse. Also, many castle owners have recently developed augmented reality for their properties. Their ambitious plans to attract visitors to the metaverse could also be a good economic alternative. Indeed, virtual events would be a great way to help them pay the high maintenance bills of their outdated properties.

For better or for worse, tourism companies, educational platforms and museums can: reinventing history in the metaverse† The family that owns the Jai Vilas Palace, a 200-year-old palace turned museum in India, sees the future of their property there. An NFT collection produced by local artists will soon be used to fund a metaverse experience around the palace. According to the owner, NFTs should be regarded as art.

“Each generation has its art and its interpretation. It is a new medium and platform for emerging Indian artists. There should be no barriers around artistic creation. †

Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, Owner of Jai Vilas Palace

According to her, the metaverse is the future because “a person usually visits a museum once”, but she can visit it multiple times in the metaverse. In India, museums are not the first destination for tourists. So it works with 3.O Labs to “Creating immersive experiences. For example, animations that allow immersion in short historical documentaries »† It is about opening more doors for education.

“I don’t agree with the way the Maratha story is portrayed. Today, however, there is a renewed interest, perhaps because of the glamor of cinema (…) Nowadays people are very interested in history and are rediscovering art and history. The metaverse can be the right platform to inform and educate people, to spark interest so that they can start their own journey of history, art and culture through this amazing world. †

Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, Owner of Jai Vilas Palace

If the metaverse becomes a new tourism modelhe can also rewrite history.

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Tourist events in the virtual world

Historical experiences can also be expanded in the metaverse to create surreal and impossible scenarios.

“I don’t want to experience things in any way that I can experience in the real world. The metaverse can recreate and preserve the past. †

Prince Heinrich Donatus of the Schaumburg-Lippe . family

By historical reconstructions with dummy weapons are common all over the world. The United States, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Italy love it. There could be many such instructive events in the metaverse.

The metaverse, crypto currencies, and DAOs come to the rescue of museums and other historic sites.

“In the metaverse, we can download weapons and mimic wars for historical educational purposes. †

Choi, co-founder of 3.O Labs

If metaverses really are the future, their regulation starts now. As a result, a group of Australian Indigenous people is planning to create an embassy in the metaverse, for example. Mix old and new is actually an ambitious project that could be realized in the digital world.

With the expansion of blockchain technology, one can very well imagine castles and other historical sites that are managed by DAOs. Thus, the recovery of these properties could be decided by the holders of tokens (e.g. non-fungible). With COVID-19, a large number of museums, sites and historical monuments have seen their visitor numbers drop significantly. Thereby, the metaverse could prove to be a more than feasible solution so that tourists can continue their visit during a pandemic. Awaiting an opening in the virtual world, The Belvedere Museum in Vienna still has NFTs of a famous painting by Klimt

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