Our 6 proposals for kitchen wall cladding to create a room exactly in the decor trends of 2022

Furnishing a modern kitchen according to the latest interior trends 2022 can become a real headache, especially if you don’t know where to start. We make you a proposal: kitchen wall cladding, the choice of which requires special attention. Why exactly? This essential element of the gastronomic room certainly has a very decorative side, but it must also withstand the onslaught of splashes, fumes, etc. Not to mention that it must be sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. to be. So, which kitchen wall covering do you choose? The editorial team lists the 6 ideas to consider urgently!

The kitchen wall cladding through 6 trendy and practical ideas for 2022

Which kitchen wall cladding do you choose to combine aesthetics and functionality? So much to our delight, we have at our disposal a multitude of options to create a trendy 2022 kitchen where it is good to prepare masterpieces to delight the taste buds. Each of these solutions has its advantages, disadvantages and a different effect. Focus!

Kitchen wall cladding that imitates tiles

imitation tile kitchen wall panel which wall cladding for kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen wall tiles are impossible to match, that’s a fact. However, this type of wallcovering is not suitable for all budgets hence the need to find cheaper alternatives. So do you need kitchen wall cladding that is easy to install and at a low price? Here is our proposal not to be missed: the imitation tile wall panel. This decorative coating has been talked about for a few years now and continues to seduce many decoration enthusiasts around the world. This glued kitchen wallcovering is becoming increasingly trendy and allows you to renovate the space in two steps and three movements, but it has many pros and cons to watch out for before you take the plunge.

kitchen wall cladding to glue back wall imitation interior decorative tiles 2022

Among the advantages of self-adhesive tiles are the low price, the very easy installation and the easy maintenance. But the greatest asset is the great diversity in terms of colors and design of the self-adhesive tiles. It comes in many shapes, colors, sizes, patterns and textures, making it simple and effective.

Although the adhesive tile is easy to install, the lifespan appears to be shorter compared to the classic tile. Finally, it does not provide the same aesthetic effect as a real tile covering.

Wooden cladding for a rustic look

kitchen wall cladding kitchen wall cladding trends 2022

The wooden wall cladding invites you into the kitchen and gives it an unparalleled warm touch. This warm material par excellence has recently made a comeback in the gourmet room where stains and dampness threaten to make life difficult. But if treated and cared for properly, any type of wood is likely to withstand the onslaughts of the kitchen. In addition, some exotic species are naturally waterproof, for example bamboo and teak.

Wood, regardless of the species, is applied over the entire wall surface, but it is still advisable to avoid it as a credenza because of its sensitivity to temperature changes. Needless to say, choosing a wooden kitchen in 2022 is trendy and promises to create a cozy and very fashionable space!

PVC Wall Cladding For Kitchen

pvc wall cladding for white kitchen imitation colored tiles trends 2022

Very popular for its resistance to moisture and for its waterproofing properties, PVC cladding is indeed the ideal solution for dressing the walls in the gastronomic room. It is easy to install and maintain and the variations are literally endless to suit every person’s needs and tastes. Pastel colours, geometric patterns, wood or marble effect and more… the choice is yours.

Paint for a personalized coating

kitchen wall cladding in paint decoration trends 2022

Like PVC, paint wallcovering allows all the daring, is inexpensive and promises to completely transform the space in no time and without much effort. Here it is important to give preference to washable acrylic or glycerophthalic paints that can withstand the heat better. However, coating with paint is reserved for well-ventilated kitchens.

What about glass cladding?

white glass kitchen wall cladding deco trends 2022

Glass wall cladding is a fairly modern choice that helps protect the walls from food and cooking residues while adding a nice effect to the room. The glass kitchen splashback is easy to clean and is available in different patterns.

Stainless steel – a rare but practical choice!

stainless steel kitchen wall cladding decoration trends 2022

Stainless steel is quite a rare choice, but it does indeed have several advantages that should not be overlooked. Stainless steel is heat-resistant, easy to clean and gives the room an elegant look, while remaining hygienic. If you like the contemporary and industrial effect, this kitchen wallcovering is for you!

Don’t hesitate to consult our guide to cleaning stainless steel kitchens to improve their shiny appearance and enjoy a space that is always clean!

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