Social media manager, a transversal and strategic role for corporate communication

The 6 pillars of social media management

Complementary to the community manager (CM), the social media manager (SMM) designs the digital communication strategy of his company or his customer. It monitors its execution on the different platforms. † The branch of social media has been professionalized for ten years. She left the communications industry to become transversal in corporate communications strategy. We have moved from social media, which has been a lever for digital communication, to social media for branding activities explains Vincent Montet, founder and director of EFAP’s specialized MBAs in Digital Marketing & Business (DMB), and vice president of the Digital Economy Association (ACSEL).

The social media manager works on 6 major themes on a daily basis:

  1. Brand content: the brand has become a media with its social networks. In addition to the product, she now has to tell stories to create branded content, which is orchestrated by the social media manager.
  2. UGC (or User Generated Content this includes managing content generated by users, who are social media senders, in the same way as prospects and customers.
  3. Influencer management: the social media manager leads a network of influencers, regardless of their size (nano, micro, macro or mega influencers, etc.). These brand ambassadors on social networks publish different types of content and are now structured. They sometimes work within agencies and are true professionals.
  4. Live management: while the professions around social media used to be synchronous / asynchronous, today social media managers both create lives on social networks and pass them on the different platforms through content (video, photos, text …).
  5. Social Ads: social advertising is the 2nd digital advertising investment after keyword purchase. This social media advertising lever has become more professional with the development of dedicated platforms and tools.
  6. Social Trade: this new dimension of social media represents the strongest trend in the industry for the coming months, with the integration of online stores within the platforms themselves, such as the recent partnership between TikTok and PrestaShop, a major player in e-trade.

If the social media manager animated between 2 and 3 social media a few years ago, today the number of platforms has multiplied by 3. The essential networks remain Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even TikTok. Depending on the companies, the SMM may also be responsible for leading its brand’s communities on Twitch, Discord, as well as local social networks, with an international focus. † When I work with Asia, I can’t live without WeChat or Lime. The social media manager must have this international knowledge of all social platforms on the market “, Vincent Montet adds.

The skills to master to practice the profession of social media manager

To carry out his various missions, the social media manager must possess essential human qualities, such as interpersonal skills and team leadership. † Social media management is a profession of passion, which is mainly based on relational know-how. The SMM is in permanent contact with the users, with whom it regularly enters into dialogue and exchanges, and also supports a network of influencers. He coordinates multidisciplinary teams, consisting of community managers, but also creative professions and web development. † He is the principal for these professions. This means that he must know how to pitch, write a letter, both internally and externally. He shares a number of skills with the social media and business-oriented web project manager to move beyond organic and advertising content.

In addition to these management skills, he must also show creativity, know how to adapt and be reactive, to cope with the pressures of life. † It is quite new to this profession and relatively close to event related professions. He must also master performance analysis tools and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), to calculate the budgetary investment in social advertising and content creation, as well as the time spent by its teams performing the various tasks, in order to be able to determine the return on investment of their actions. † This analytical component has become an essential quality in many digital professions. This reinforces the evolution of the profession of social media manager communication towards a much more businesslike approach today.

Another important quality requirement: personal branding, which consists in applying to itself the actions that the SMM is likely to recommend to the brand for which it works. † The goal is not to become the most popular on social networksnuance Vincent Montet. It’s about using them in a professional setting, by your first and last name, because that’s what your prospective employer will search for on Google. All this content creation work will make your brand positioning a little more credible.† †

Training to acquire all the keys to social media management

The specialized Digital Marketing & Business MBAs offered by EFAP enable training to practice the profession of social media manager. The pedagogy taught by the school is based on numerous practical works and concrete cases, in order to become operational quickly. † Students are trained in content creation: writing articles for blogs and social networks, creating videos, measuring impact, competing with companies on branded content… We also have courses on social media, community and influencer management.

Since the MBA is a partner of events such as the Hub Forum, Viva Technology or events hosted by ACSEL, students have the opportunity to train for the live practice as a social media reporter. The training will help you pass the PrestaShop e-commerce and Facebook Blueprint for social networking certifications. † With this program we will discuss the 6 functions of the social media manager. A good quarter of our students enter this profession after graduating.

MBAs specializing in digital marketing are accessible from bac+4/5. It is advisable to have completed a course in communication, commerce or management, at university or school, with an internship as a CM in a company or SME, to start integrating this ecosystem.

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Presentation of EFAP

EFAP is the school for new communication professions. Several MBAs specializing in digital marketing are available to you, in the Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier, Paris, Shanghai and Algiers campuses: Digital Marketing & Business in full-time, part-time executive/work-study version, or double degree in China, as well as specializations in art and culture, health industry and beauty and cosmetics. These different training courses are open to all bac+4/+5 profiles, as well as to those with significant experience within the framework of a Professional Experience Validation (VAP). They issue a level 7 RNCP certification (bac+5).

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