Tastes on a world trip in the Nièvre is possible: our good addresses

Do you want to change sky and horizon?? No need to break the bank and fly to distant lands. In the Nièvre, your taste buds can take a beautiful trip around the world, with stops in Istanbul, Beijing or even New York?!

We have listed a number of good addresses where you can discover exotic dishes.

This list is of course not exhaustive.

Angie’s burger

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Stopping in the United States, in the middle of the Morvan, that’s possible! Angie’s burger, opened in 2017, in the former building of the Dim factory in Château-Chinon, Angélique Desbruyères’ restaurant, immerses us in the atmosphere of an American diner from the 1950s, with a room of 280 m² with bright , fresh and cheerful colors : turquoise blue and pink. On the menu a wide choice of burgers made with fresh quality products, but also wraps, hot dogs and of course fries.

Also to discover American beers, such as the Lone Star.

At Kafrine’s

The restaurant Chez Kafrine, in Sougy-sur-Loire, opened in August 2018, by Reunion Islander Barbara and her husband, Jean-Charles Thomas, machine, offers Réunion specialties. On the menu are the well-known sausage rougail, the boucané bringelles (with aubergine) or the well-known coconut chicken. “Our Creole dishes are certainly spicy, but not spicy! says the boss.

The restaurant has been a great success since its opening.

With the incarcerations and the possibility to order takeaway, the fame even jumped.

East Avenue

In Guérigny, L’Avenue de l’Orient restaurant offers Turkish specialities.

“My father Mehmet Erdogan, who ran the Orient Express, avenue du Général-de-Gaulle in Nevers, opened this establishment in 2003. We were one of the first… We offer homemade kebabs, with marinated meat prepared by our treatments, but also couscous to take away. Since the Covid pandemic, we have also started with tacos. Customers like it very much. Here, in Guérigny, it is really good to live and work. The people are cute,” said the manager, Cihan Erdogan, enthusiastic.


Located in Fourchambault, a few kilometers from Nevers, Pizzeria La Calabria is a real institution!

It was also one of the first to open in Nièvre, in the late 1970s. It has been run by Anne-Marie and Domenico since 1989.

The couple offers about thirty types of traditional and Italian pizzas. One of the latter (the Pipo, in tribute to their son) consisting of tomatoes, cheese, chorizo, merguez, egg, cream and paprika is a very good hit!

The flavors of Baykham

Lovers of Thai and Lao cuisine will find their happiness in Garchy, with Baykham’s delicious takeaway.

Since 2017, the young woman, originally from Laos, has been making a name for herself. She prepares and sells takeaway meals, both at home and in the markets, and also takes care of the catering!

She recently opened a retail outlet in her city with her husband, Thibault Cousin, where you can find exotic products.

Chez Chauc

Do you want a good wok (raw ingredients for cooking), in a spacious and zen space? Run to Chau in Marzy.

Choose what you like and take your garnished plate to the kitchen: the chef, who has been in charge of the establishment since 2014, will then prepare the chosen range for you, accompanied by your favorite sauce (the choice is wide: sichuan sauce , satay sauce, curry, variety, garlic, etc…)

The 3 roses

Tasting Sri Lankan specialties is now possible in Nevers. The restaurant Les 3 roses (formerly L’Escale), rue de Nièvre, was taken over by Kanistan and Mayoorika on December 15.

On the menu typical dishes such as rolls (beef and vegetables) as a starter, a wide choice of salads including those of 3 roses (salad, tandoori, chicken tikka, shrimps, green beans, tomatoes, eggs, lemon, olive oil and fried onions) and typical dishes like Kottu.


When you step into the neversois restaurant Pitaya, which is adjacent to the Ciné Mazarin, the senses are immediately awakened. It almost feels like you are standing in one of the stalls on a street in Bangkok!

As confirmed by Julien Sotty, the manager (he opened this establishment on December 22): “In our open kitchen you can follow the preparation of the dishes live. They are all made with fresh products! †

On the menu are dishes based on rice or Asian pasta with proteins and vegetables fried in a wok. The restaurant should soon benefit from a beautiful outdoor terrace.

Rajasthan Food Truck

The Indian and Pakistani food truck Rajasthan in Nevers was one of the first of its kind to open in 2014 in France and even in Europe. Since then there has been success.

Customers enjoy their home-cooked dishes, expertly seasoned, based on chicken, lamb or shrimp. In a faster version they opt for naan, the traditional Indian bread in a rolled, homemade and well-filled version! A pleasure.

La Couscoussiere

“Excellent welcome”, “successful couscous”, “friendly chef”… Online reviews of the Tunisian restaurant La Couscoussière, 32 rue de Nièvre, in Nevers, are full of praise!

In a very oriental setting, La Couscoussière aims to be a place of sharing, culture and memories.

The chef Ben Salah, member of the Toques Françaises and who has worked in the world of gastronomy for thirty-two years, concocts emblematic Tunisian dishes, including the famous lamb à la gargoulette, cooked in an earthenware vase.

It also offers a wide choice of couscous, tajines and paellas. A real killer!

Odessa school

For a year now, the former primary school of Lormes houses a restaurant called Odessa l’Ecole with an original concept.

The three managers, two Americans and a Frenchman, offer a kitchen that is inspired by their personal stories and their (many) travels.

“Our dishes can be Japanese, Italian or even American or Mexican… We love to travel and take our customers on a journey! Every day we offer a typical French dish and an exotic dish,” explains Mathieu Kochen, one of the company managers.

The old school also houses a stall, a flea market and a cellar where you can buy natural wines.

Texts: Géraldine Phulpin, photos Christophe Masson and Fred Lonjon.

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