the new cooking show presented by Norbert Tarayre on M6!

In the company of Jérôme Anthony, chef Norbert Tarayre will meet other chefs to challenge them in his new program “Chefs à domicile” from April 25 on M6. So concept, guests and other surprises, we reveal all the secrets of this new culinary program!

Norbert Tarayre will return to M6 very soon with his new program “Chefs à domicile”! Credit: Norbert Tarayre/Instagram

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Former Top Chef Season 3 nominee Norbert Tarayre returns to M6 at the helm of an all-new program. The theme ? The kitchen of course! After traveling the roads of the country with Bruno Cormerais in search of the “Best Bakery in France”, Norbert takes us aboard in his ultra-retro orange Volkswagen Combi to team up with other chefs around an event where the takeaway is served. placed in the center of the board.

The principle is very simple: Norbert, who had transformed his restaurant “Splash” into a chalet for the winter season, challenges other emblematic chefs in the culinary competition Top Chef. But a passage in Top Chef was not a “condition” to participate in “Home Chefs”, says Norbert Tarayre. “The only thing is that we were looking for familiar faces for the viewer, people who have real kitchen experience and can handle challenges”. So who will go up against Norbert? What will the tests be? And from when can we follow this program? We tell you everything!

“Chefs à domicile”, a new cooking show coming to M6 soon!

On the menu: culinary challenges, takeaway and lots of laughs with Norbert Tarayre! Credit: M6

If Jérôme Anthony has also been to the four corners of France during the last two seasons of “Tous en cuisine”, this time he will join Norbert Tarayre in his challenges against other recognized chefs. The two participants therefore have 90 minutes to prepare the tastiest takeaway. As we told you, the show will highlight the “takeaway” because since the onset of the health crisis, this mode of consumption has largely evolved. So much so that even Top Chef is working on it!

And to adapt, the chefs had to rethink their way of working. It is for this reason that Norbert has decided to get involved in the takeout game for his show “Chefs à domicile”! He and his opponent will have to simmer plates that are easy to transport without altering the textures, flavors and presentation by car or two-wheel delivery. But they will have no indication of the preferences of their mystery guests!

Indeed, regardless of how many guests they will know from the start, Norbert Tarayre and the guest chef will have to go it alone! But Jérôme Anthony will reveal different clues to them as the event progresses. So will they have gone in the right direction or will they have to completely change their preparations? Once the 90 minutes have passed, the dishes will be delivered by Jérôme Anthony who will attend the tasting without the chefs. Whoever gets the most stars awarded by mystery shoppers wins the duel!

Who are the guest chefs of “Chefs à domicile”?

Mohamed Cheikh, Merouan Bounekraf, Pierre Augé and Noëmie Honiat are the first chefs to take on the challenge against Norbert Tarayre! Credit: Jérôme Anthony/Instagram

For now, we know the first four faces that Norbert Tarayre will meet in “Chefs à domicile”. And if you recognize them, it’s because they’ve all gone through Top Chef! We will therefore find Merouan Bounekraf (season 10), Mohamed Cheikh (winner of season 12), Pierre Augé (winner of season 5) or even Noëmie Honiat (season 5) during the four weeks of this new culinary program on M6.

So when will we be able to enjoy ourselves in front of our TV? The launch of “Chefs à domicile” is scheduled for Monday 25 April 2022 at 6.40 pm. Every evening, Norbert Tarayre and Jérôme Anthony present gourmet dishes, all with a lot of humor!

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