What are the advantages ? How to make it easy to install and easy to maintain!

Polished concrete is the big trend in modern interiors in 2022. Nothing surprising when you consider the design and ease of maintenance. Indeed, this coating is so popular that it is chosen for construction projects as well as renovation work. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this product, which is suitable for all rooms in the house. In addition, we see the costs of a renovation of waxed concrete and its maintenance. Let’s go !

Why choose a waxed concrete renovation? Its benefits and maintenance:

Polished concrete such as parquet has become one of the showpieces of interior products in recent years. This multi-purpose coating can coat the walls, countertops or floors of wet areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Waxed concrete is a real success among French households. This coating is present in most new-build homes, but is also appreciated in renovations. In the beginning, concrete was reserved for floors of industrial buildings, today architects use it to develop decorative elements. It is made with cement, water-based resins, mineral pigments and additives.

waxed concrete renovation kitchen 2022

Waxed concrete is a good renovation choice because it bonds easily to existing materials, such as tile, marble, tile and terrazzo. In addition, a thickness of 3 mm is sufficient to obtain quality results. What are the advantages of this material? What Precautions Should You Take? Which conversation? So many questions that our article will try to answer.

The wide range of styles

benefits waxed concrete 2022 interior trend modern living room

The great strength of waxed concrete is its wide range of colours: white, blue, black or red… You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to finishes: matt, satin, glossy. In addition, this coating can cover various surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, stairs or even swimming pools. Seamless, seamless, the artisan application ensures personalized results. Likewise, a waxed concrete renovation is 100% ecological and adapts to both indoor and outdoor conditions.

A durable and resistant coating

bathroom renovation in waxed concrete 2022 trend

When choosing a material for our floor, it is normal to expect it to last over time. This is the case with waxed concrete. This coating shows excellent wear resistance: it is resistant to shocks, regular traffic, scratches and chemicals. It is also waterproof. For all these good reasons, waxed concrete is becoming increasingly popular in trendy kitchens and bathrooms due to its great resistance. In addition, the surface is very easy to clean.

kitchen worktop polished concrete

In a modern kitchen, this coating can cover the floor, walls and sinks. As you can see, its versatility attracts and even makes a good addition to a swimming pool layout. You can indeed make the crown and area around your pool in waxed concrete. Highly decorative, it is also waterproof, non-slip and resistant to UV rays. What else do you want ?

Renovation of waxed concrete: installation and maintenance

laying waxed concrete on tiles 2022

If you want to enjoy a quality waxed concrete floor that lasts for a long time, then you have to pay the price for it. Since the installation can be quite delicate, we recommend that you use the services of a professional. In addition, for optimal reproduction, several layers of wax and resin will have to be applied and the note will increase. This is the price you pay for a highly successful waxed concrete renovation!

laying wax concrete in the trendy kitchen 2022

Unfortunately, applying waxed concrete is not that simple. There are two rules that you must follow to complete your project. The first concerns casting. It must absolutely be done on a stable, crack-free and perfectly prepared surface. The advantage of waxed concrete is that where certain materials hide imperfections, waxed concrete will accentuate them by playing the role of a second skin!

waxed concrete renovation bathroom 2022

Second, don’t neglect the finishes. To do this, make sure that a pore filler and a surface protector are applied at the end of the installation. Finally, when embarking on a waxed concrete renovation, it is imperative to know the drying time. After all, you no longer have access to the room in which the work takes place. Please note that it takes a minimum of 24 hours for the coating to dry completely.

how to maintain waxed concrete 2022

Polished concrete is easy to maintain and does not require much effort. It is easier to maintain than parquet or tiles. This type of coating does not require much more than a mop with soapy water. To maintain the shine of your floors, nothing beats black soap mixed with lukewarm water. Apply with a mop and you’re done!

how to clean waxed concrete 2022

In addition, it is recommended to run a thickness of special wax or protective varnish once or twice a year to keep your floors in good condition. With a grease stain? Don’t panic, sprinkle baking soda in water. Finally rinse and dry.

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