A real living room, the kitchen should be as functional as it is decorative. And if we married the traditional white with warm wood?

the White is an essential color in the kitchen. It fits every decoration style and all kinds colors. In addition, it is often associated with drink for a stylish kitchen scandinavian, modern and hot. Focus on our 21 breaths to follow the trend.

Why adopt white in the kitchen?

White is a timeless color with the peculiarity of mix with all materials and all other colors. Having a white kitchen means enjoying a Brightness excellent and a sense of grandeur unheard of. On the walls or in credenza, You can easily clean white surfaces, especially thanks to baking soda.

White kitchen: warming up with wood

To give a white kitchen pep, nothing beats drink. We also like dark Transparentby heat up gently the room. Like a work planFor some closet doors or in central island, wood invites everywhere in the kitchen without being too obtrusive. It can also be found at floor give character to the room. The wall shelves are also dressed in this natural material to pimp the white walls.

White and wooden kitchen: which decor to adopt?

Since minimalist kitchens are popular among designers, you can choose not to add anything to a white and wooden kitchen, at neutral and clean style† To give it a poetic and rural side, we install some green plants† Do you want to give a unique touch to your kitchen? Choose a singular credenzaoriginal pattern tileseffect marble True exposed stones… It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer!

How do you maintain a white and wooden kitchen?

To take advantage of a beautiful white and wooden kitchenit should be to nurse† So, to make the white clear, use baking soda or sodium percarbonate with whitening effects. The wood, on the other hand, must agreement to avoid staining or damage. l’linseed oil is undoubtedly the natural product that will protect your wood.