To gain height without going out, we opt for the mountain chalet style. Here are 9 inspirations that will have us adopting chalet decor in our kitchen.

The kitchen is usually one of the most beautiful friendly from the house. We gather there to prepare good meals with the family and share warm moments. So to make this space even cozier, we’re focusing on the chalet style† Here’s how to adopt it.

How do you turn your kitchen into a cocooning chalet?

The chalet style is usually based on: wooden furniture† Central island, worktop, table: this furniture can be covered with wood to match the picture of a chalet located in the mountains† And to accentuate the chalet style even more, you can also opt for a brick or stone wall† Do not hesitate to place some indoor plants, to choose according to the level of natural light in your kitchen.

Chalet style: the return of antique furniture

For make your kitchen look like a chalet, it is not necessary to purchase a completely new furniture set. On the contrary, choose antique furniture † It’s a good way to give a second life to certain pieces of furniture, which easily find a place in your kitchen or dining room. Finally, don’t forget to bet on large hanging lamps bring heat into the room.

Get inspired with Valérie Damidot at Damidéco.