Discover how this couple renovated a 240 m² duplex destroyed by flames. Be inspired by this Scandinavian-style architectural jewel.

in Bavaria, this twinkling duplex gives back to the den are letters from nobility in a style of absolute modernity where, between the whiteness of the walls and the brilliance of the copper, the light does not meet any obstacle, in a refined and cheerful atmosphere.

A fully renovated duplex with Scandinavian decor

For Astrid and Markus, dentists and orthodontists, the search for aesthetics is second nature. Their Bavarian apartment is a brilliant demonstration of this† At the beginning, two last floors to renovate, even rebuild, of a historic building destroyed by fire in the medieval town of Straubing. The couple finally managed to settle in the city center, close to their office and the children’s school. With the help of architects Nina and Stephan Fabi, they reinvented the 240 m² and realized their dream of a large duplex, with a 90 m² terrace. The layout remains classic, with a large living room and children’s bedrooms on the ground floor. Upstairs, parental suite, guest bedroom, bathrooms and office. However, the couple wanted a modern, bright environment. And unique in its elegance, all without betraying the original architecture. For this they chose to combine design and materials emphasize their own qualities.

Scandinavian decoration: wood and minimalism

The Douglas fir is ubiquitous and her blondness. He is married to a charming trio, black, white and brass† When it comes to decor, it’s all about nuance and proportion. The stay impresses with the seven meter high ceiling that balances the long shelf on an entire wall that houses the fireplace and wood stock, and also brings the black touch of contrast to the white wall. Astrid and Markus are fans of design, especially Scandinavian. The apartment is a lovely mix of custom pine furniture, vintage pieces, small craft furniture. And even musical instruments. Colors are soft, neutral to install a serene, sophisticated and incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

Text and styling Claudia Durian — photos Christoph Theurer — translation Aline Lorant

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