Akira Back, modern Japanese cuisine in Prince de Galles

By Manon C., Rizhlaine F. Photos by Manon C. Published on February 21, 2022 at 09:03

A breath of fresh air is blowing over the Prince of Wales with the opening of Akira Back, the chef’s new restaurant of the same name. The menu features modern Japanese cuisine that draws inspiration from across borders.

It took several years for the Prince of Wales to finally find a food offering worthy of the name, after the departure of Stephanie Le Quellecthe chef who offered her two stars at the restaurant La Scene du palacebefore finding them at his restaurant of the same name, opened in the wake of his departure from the Prince of Wales.

After Las Vegas, Singapore, Toronto or Seoul, where he won his first star, it is in the French capital that the star chef Akira Back chose to be . to install first European restaurant early 2022, and it is instead of the Prince of Wales bar, Les Heures, that this address has just opened its doors.

Akira BackAkira BackAkira Back

In a chic and polished decorthe large ink-coloured lacquered tables and thevery subdued atmospherethe Akira Back restaurant offers a fusion cuisine† Yes, although the term is now misused, indeed it is dishes with international influences that are on the restaurant’s menu, and that take their inspiration from Japanbut also the Korea and UNITED STATESthe chef’s two nationalities.

Born in South KoreaAkira Back real name Sung-Too Backgrew up in the United States, in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado, where his family moved in the late 1980s. After a career in extreme sports and more specifically snowboardingmeet the chef his future mentor and mentor, the sushi master Kenichi Canada, and after years of learning gastronomy, he now heads 16 addresses worldwide

Akira BackAkira BackAkira BackAkira Back

In the great hall of 90 seatsseated at counter in marble in front of the sushi masters or in the privacy of the Private Akira Suite for 20 covers we discover a rather long menu, which is divided into several separate segments. Among these, the cold signature plates who already worship? tuna signature pizzamade with a thin crispy puff pastry and tuna in sashimi, and decorated with ponzu sauce, micro sisho, mushrooms and truffle oil.

Akira Back also made it his mission to visit again the recipe that made him love raw fish, jeju domi, a snapper in sashimi accompanied by a chojang sauce, flying fish eggs and an orange infusion. Of course, the traditional sashimi and sushi prepared from carefully harvested fish – salmon eggs, langoustine, tuna belly – are also discussed.

Akira BackAkira BackAkira BackAkira Back

But Akira Back is not satisfied with cold parties; we also discover a whole series hot signature dishes who, again, draw their inspiration from across borders. Here one tacos cheeky, topped with marinated Scottish Black Angus, cooked over the fire and served with a Japanese roasted tomato sauce; there delicious sprouts with kimchi † again, a grilled eggplant, beetroot and lotus leaf. A glass without hesitation interest, to choose from the selection of great Japanese houses on offer in the restaurant.

Natural lovers roll find their happiness there too with a card from creative and original recipeslike the rolls Perfect Storm, a combination of shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, flambé salmon, chipotle mayonnaise and mango sauce; or even rolls another mother’s brother, a link between Japan and France, made with grilled eel, anago tempura and shavings of foie gras. In addition, nice detail, the progress as the tasting progresses allows the discovery of the plates decorated with the motifs of Young Hee Backthe chief’s mother.

Akira BackAkira BackAkira BackAkira Back

For the dessertsAkira Back plays with borders and oceans again, offering desserts from American culinary landscape : visits theApple pie with cinnamon puff bun and caramelized apples; chocolate brownies with fruit mousse and cocoa nibs; or Chocolate in a cupa dessert between soufflé and chocolate fondant, to enjoy with vanilla and banana ice cream straight from the cup!

This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience is different from ours, let us know in the comments.

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