Do you want to transform your kitchen before 2022? Discover IKEA’s interior trends. From the Scandinavian to the modern kitchen, you are sure to find the one you need.

The kitchen is a very important part of our interior! We spend a lot of time cooking delicious meals. So why not make the room even more pleasant by decorating it? The Swedish furniture giant offers a whole range of trends for your kitchens.

IKEA kitchen 2022: what are the trends?

For New Years, IKEA reveals several trends decoration for the kitchen† There we find the scandinavian style with a kitchen Whitein gray and in drink† For fans of modern stylewe bet on a refined decor dressed in black and from chestnut† The Swedish brand is showing increasing concern about environmental issues and also offers a eco-responsible kitchen† The materials be used naturally and recycled† The brand advocates through all these trends, the function and the practical which we have to find in the kitchen.

IKEA 2022 kitchen: which colors to choose?

According to style of your interior, the choice of colors is important † By adopting the Scandinavian style in your home, you prefer the natural colors For you kitchen† So bet on white, gray and wood. If you opt for the modern style, then you will have to choose black, and warmer colorslike the dark brown. On the other hand, for a graphic kitchen do not hesitate to play with the patterns and shapes!

IKEA 2022 kitchen: models at low prices

The IKEA kitchens have the particularity of being both trendy, practical and at very reasonable prices† Take advantage of all the necessary equipment to prepare good meals without breaking the bank. Small or large, the Swedish giant’s kitchens stand out as real spaces functional without the . negligible friendliness. And you, which kitchen will you fall for?