Job description, education and salary

Do you want to become a community manager (CM)? Here’s everything you need to know: degrees, education, salary and required skills.

What is the job of a community manager?

Become a community manager is in principle open to everyone. However, you still need to have prior knowledge, or at least be trained on certain points. But what is this job actually about? In reality, being a community manager means: employed by a company to manage its community

This includes brand social networks (messages on networks, interactions with subscribers, etc.). But the community manager may also have to take care of: newslettersby send emails focused, surveys to potential customers, etc.

Using flashy phrases, custom videos and brand imagesthe community manager ensures that the good virtual cohesion of the company what she works for. But he also ensures that he builds customer loyalty by animating and giving virtual communities a digital personality for the brand

Becoming a Community Manager: The Skills Required

So to become a community manager you will need: skills in different areas† You do not necessarily need any specific training to practice this profession. But you still need to be helpful with several things, for example:

  • The language of the brand, here for sure French written and spoken† But also English, a universal language. You even have to be almost bilingual to be able to write in English if requested.
  • Know how to monitor, control, and protect customers. But also know how to do in moderation. In other words, manage the brand’s e-reputation from A to Z
  • Be extremely comfortable and trained on the virtual, social networksvisual creation tools, but also the functioning of networks.

As a reminder, we already made you a more detailed article on the subject† We therefore invite you to consult our paper on the 10 important skills to be a community manager. With regard to these skills, you know what to do: improve yourself† And so you train accordingly! Of course we will still present you the possible courses and diplomas become a community manager more easily† An education that will help you find your first job in the field, both on your CV and in practice.

What education or diplomas do you need?

As we told you, you don’t need a degree to practice a profession. However, if you have a background in the field or a degree in hand, you can land your first job. Note that you can work as an employee in a company, but also self-employed (and therefore have multiple customers). These are the training courses and diplomas we recommendto train you or to add to the CV:

  • BTS communication (bac+2)
  • TU Delft community management (bac+2)
  • Bachelor of Information and Digital Communication (bac+3)
  • Professional license or Master in Journalism (bac+3/5)
  • Bachelor web marketing (bac+3)
  • Master of Human Sciences (bac+5)
  • GOAL communication (bac+3 and ex-DUT)
  • English license (bac+3)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (bac+3)
  • Professional license in communication (bac+3)
  • Master in Digital Communication (bac+5)
  • Master in Digital Communication (bac+5)
  • Masters in journalism and/or webwriting (bac+5)
  • MBA digital communication (bac+6)

You can also call aton-the-job training, either as an intern or as a working student† It is all the more formative than a school that mainly teaches you the technical side than the practical side.

It is also possible to train aloneon the web, using YouTube videos, Moocs or even community management courses Pay.

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What is the possible salary for this job?

In any case, regardless of your training path, once you are Community manager, you will have to receive your first salaries in the field. So in general, the average salary varies a lot from company to company† But it’s generally the same depending on whether you’re an employee (in business) or an entrepreneur (with clients).

Overall, a community manager wins (average) between 1200 € monthly net and 3500 € per month† Knowing that the median income is set at 2450 € gross per month, said Diplomao. This salary corresponds to a full-time job, both in a company and as an entrepreneur. But in general it will be a schedule at 35, even 40 hours a week

community training manager diplomas job description

And the possibilities with the community manager training?

Note that you can very well do other activities in parallel, even if it is a job that takes a lot of time. In addition, other professions can open up to you if you are well trained in this community manager job. CMs can do other work, many openings are possible, even in more complex industries. just train you in the subtleties of your new job† So you can apply for these other professions:

  • You can become a web editor. Or web journalist† In any case, you have already received written training in the virtual environment when you become a CM. Nevertheless, you may need to do some personal training first, to know how to write long papers, write articles in the press, conduct an interview, etc.
  • In the same vein as the web editor, you can become a blogger. It is a job that can become lucrative in the long run. Keep a blog is also very close to the role of CM.
  • It is also possible for you to general secretary† So you need specific training to become a secretary (especially in the medical field). But as a community manager, you normally have the basics of computer tools. You only have to train in addition to management, but also in the details of the secretariat (medical terms, automotive terms, etc.)
  • turn to e-commerce can also be a good idea. But you have to train yourself in the basics of web commerce and marketing.
  • You can go to a career in HR (human resources)† But here too you will have to follow a management course, also in accounting if you manage payroll, for example.
  • After that, a community manager can also simple manager in just about every area. As long as you train in the chosen field. For example, team manager in a company, Project Managervideo game manager, or even coach

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