Kitchen made of natural wood – make way for warmth!

Many of us burst out laughing at the photos of these charming chalets nestled in the mountains. And while the population is essentially urban, our modern homes have something to stick with the rustic warmth. As proof: the kitchen made of natural wood that has the potential to become a real retreat and favorite space in the home. To your attention today: the advantages of this fascinating kitchen – from the reasons for adopting it to the question of the choice of kitchen designer.

Wood – a charming element in the kitchen

Why choose a natural wood kitchen?

Chic and timeless, the modern wooden kitchen is no longer that old-fashioned room everyone knows. The kitchen designers at Inova Cuisine are very concerned about adapting the material in question to our home. And they do so with style and class, so that the wood blends in naturally, while retaining a trace of its raw cachet. That’s why wood really deserves its place in our homes today. Let’s see why!


Ideal for creating a cocooning atmosphere, wood is a very popular material in a home that wants to be friendly and welcoming. It is, as it were, the perfect decorative asset to feel at home. Of course, it also brings this zen and comforting aspect that often escapes our busy daily lives.

The ecological character

We are also talking about a very noble and ecological material. Renewable and biodegradable, wood is sturdy enough not to worry about your kitchen wearing out too quickly. Process more wood, consume less energy, so the ecological footprint is minimal.


A chameleon material, wood easily matches any decorative style. Scandinavian, country, industrial or contemporary kitchen – just choose the right essence and combine it with the right colors and materials. With a grace that goes to Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations, wood stands out with a subtle elegance that is not subject to missteps.

A kitchen in wood for a cozy atmosphere

wooden kitchen set-up with central island wooden parquet wooden facade

The importance of choosing the right kitchen designer

It is then crucial to engage a kitchen designer. This way you ensure that you have a real jewel in your kitchen, instead of mediocre furnishings of questionable quality. Do not hesitate to get acquainted with the offer of Inova Cuisine to lend you a hand. With almost 100 years of know-how in the manufacture of fitted kitchens, he is a real expert in this field. These facilities, 100% made in France, are made of very high quality materials with the aim of creating a friendly space and focused on human relations. This is the fundamental value of Inova kitchens.

Choose Inova kitchens for their quality and timeless elegance

white and gray wooden kitchen inova kitchen granite worktop

How to furnish a modern wooden kitchen?

On the decoration side, the more or less worked character of the wood, as well as its essence, are the two factors that fuel our design choices. Add to this your preferences in terms of decorative style. Find the main moods you can create with the two main woods, light wood and dark wood.

The light forest

What are they ?

Light woods are the best choice for a small kitchen that receives little light. Especially since in small spaces we would bet on furniture with a clear and reflective surface. The aim would be to mislead the perception of the proportions and increase the space (at least visually). The popular varieties in the kitchen are oak, spruce, ash and pine.

What atmospheres to create?

Associated with the neutral range – white, beige, light gray – blond wood would be a safe bet for furnishing a kitchen in the Scandinavian spirit. To break out of the cold and brighten up the atmosphere, you can bet on the range of pastel colors that are a guarantee of softness and tranquility. The association with white subway tiles would result in a retro chic decor. If you add greenery by choosing house plants, then you have a resolutely Zen interior. To create a nice contrast, think of a sideboard, central island or section of the wall in a stronger color. For a refined kitchen, choose the duo of light wood and marble.

Wood and light white kitchen – a flawless combination

white and blond wooden kitchen with white island wooden base units parquet floor black floor lamps

dark woods

What are they ?

If you bet on a pimped decoration and with the times, it is better to offer a dark wooden kitchen. This year it has come to the fore again to bring a burst of bold elegance to our kitchens. The rendering is minimalist and refined, in the style of contemporary interiors. In the range of dark woods there are acacias, walnuts, ebony and dark ash.

What atmospheres to create?

Brown woods create equally successful combinations with the range of light neutrals. The only difference can be seen at the level of the more pronounced contrast. However, you can also turn to more dramatic atmospheres where dark woods are associated with decorative elements in black. This aesthetic is very characteristic of industrial kitchens. Combine it with another dark color – pine green, navy blue, mustard yellow – for a contemporary, artistic and slightly theatrical atmosphere. However, in this case, make sure to clean up as much as possible just to avoid the chaotic aspect.

White and dark wood to play with contrasts

dark wooden base cabinet dark worktop white walls

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