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Are you renovating your kitchen? There are so many designs to choose from! Is your head spinning? Can we help you choose your countertop? We dare to do that, because the farmhouse sink is not only trendy today, it was 100 years ago. The impeccable design is timeless and will last for years to come. Investing in a large and comfortable sink can make your life easier. Not only are there many styles, but each one looks better than the last. And don’t get us started on the practical side!

Washbasin on the farm: tips

Rustic kitchens are all the rage right now, and have been for a number of years. If this style is timeless and practical, it is also very beautiful! If you think about it, there isn’t just one style. While having a wooden kitchen is great, it’s not the only style available! Did you know that sinks on a farm look more modern these days? No, you don’t have to decorate your kitchen in a vintage style, you can integrate this sink into your modern design! These sinks are so roomy and comfortable to wash up, you wouldn’t even think of installing another one in your kitchen! Here are some tips and ideas on what type of sink to choose.

Black farmhouse sink

Black farmhouse sink

Want something modern and chic? Do you like trendy stuff? Then this sink style is for you. Whether marble, stone or metal, these sinks are the pinnacle of sophistication! While most sinks are white or stainless steel, black sinks are becoming more common because of their boldness. This dark-colored kitchen sink immediately catches the eye. Combine this innovative look with the country sink and you have a vintage and current mesh that will last forever. Your modern kitchen will have that je ne sais quoi you see in magazines. Trust us, black is always in style!

Wooden Farm Sink

Wooden farmhouse sink

Do you have a wooden worktop? If so, have you thought about installing a wooden countertop as well or does that seem too decadent? You may think wooden sinks seem impractical, but that’s where you’re wrong! With a beautiful oil finish, a wooden sink can be very durable. However, if you do want to purchase one, keep in mind that wood will darken significantly over time. And if your budget is tight, you have the option of getting a cheaper version. A laminate sink has that rustic style that will amaze you every time you walk into the kitchen and use it. However, the maintenance is more delicate than that of the wooden sink due to its shorter life.

Marble sink

Marble sink

We can all agree that marble sinks are some of the most elegant sinks we’ve seen. There is only one drawback… The price is much higher than other sinks! Nevertheless, if you have the means, it is the best choice! Stone sinks are very easy to clean themselves. But if you have a light marble sink, it should be cleaned regularly as food and drink stains are more visible than on the stainless steel surface. The aesthetics are also extremely versatile. Due to the natural pattern, no marble sink looks like another. Finally, it’s the most durable material you’ve ever owned! Should we continue? We know who’s the winner here… And now imagine your entire kitchen in marble!

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Ceramic Farmhouse Sink


Combine the white of the ceramic farmer’s sink with cool colours.

Ceramic sink in white

What do you think of the wooden double sink?

Double Farm Sink

Or do you prefer the black double farmer’s sink?

Black double sink

Isn’t marble beautiful? It really goes with everything!

Marble Farmhouse Sink

Install a copper sink in your kitchen to get that rustic, vintage look.

farmhouse sink ideas

Combine a wooden worktop with a stainless steel farmer’s sink.

wooden kitchen worktop

You will never go back to a smaller sink once you try this one.

Old farmhouse kitchen

Play with light and dark colors to achieve this modern and original style.

Rustic kitchen

Match your white country sink with your kitchen for an angelic look.

White sink farmhouse kitchen decor

You can’t live without this marble farmhouse sink.

Marble sink

You can do more in it than your dishes!

Country kitchen farmhouse sink

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