Smart kitchen organizer with simple and affordable items to buy right away!

If the space for your kitchen is too small, Ikea has solutions for you. Very affordable classic or modern styles.

It is often difficult to find things in the kitchen. Especially if a lot of people use them too. To facilitate the arrangement of this space of the house, Ikea offers you various items.

recently, new original products penetrated the shelves of their stores. Discover them with details in this article.

Ikea storage items at low prices

Ikea takes care of the different parts of your home. Nothing is left to chance and with this IHÄRDIG spice jars, your kitchen will find its account. A set of 4 jars for less than 5 euros is a practical and indispensable product. The lid of each pot has two openings with which you can pour or sprinkle the food.

The design of each pot is completely original. A manufacture of Ikea Switzerland, these boxes are free compact† They don’t take up much space and save your space for a nicer look. They are immediately available on the shelves of all stores of the brand. In addition, other pot models are also available.

In addition to the RAJTAN spice jars have a unique and original style. Made of clear glass, these containers save you time by highlighting the contents of the box. The aluminum lid is simply charming and reflects the cleanliness of your kitchen. In addition to facilitating the arrangement of your herbs, they can be an additional decoration.

You may have guessed it, this is a set of four jars and the price is still so low. This range is marketed at 3.99 euros at Ikea. In addition, they can be placed in a drawer or on a shelf. These Ikea bottles can hold 15 cl of product. That means they are adequate and quite practical.

Optimize small spaces

For impeccable storage of a rather narrow kitchen, Ikea is never short of ideas to please us. The Swedish brand offers you this tool rack white to avoid always looking for the materials that serve you. It is well known that white is best in a narrow space. It helps to give the kitchen a new look.

In addition, this STÖDJA kitchenware drawer fits easily into a drawer. However, it can also be placed in the cupboard or near your plate rack. It is indeed very affordable 0.99 euros is all you have to pay for this essential product for a tidy kitchen. Plus, it promises to be easy to clean.

If you’ve just moved or are planning to redecorate your kitchen, here’s an extremely essential piece of equipment. the sink cabinet that Ikea offers you and that is more than practical. It does indeed have storage shelves and also a work plan. The special feature of this sink cabinet is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This Ikea washbasin cabinet is quite sturdy. Made of stainless steel, it is an investment that will last. It is also easy to maintain and with an efficiency comparable to a normal kitchen. If the style seduces you, do not hesitate any longer and make your purchase directly on the company’s website. This furniture is sold there 199 euros only.

Other affordable equipment at Ikea

If you’re looking for wall storage items, Ikea has what you need. indeed, the suspension rod with crochet is for you. So that the professional world of restaurateurs comes to your kitchen. This 112 cm KUNGSFORS bar is made of stainless steel and is solid and resistant.

It is sold at 45 euros alone and can bear a large load. Various hook models can also be found on the shelves of Ikea. They are useful to complete the wall decoration you want to operate. This style saves you space, but also has the merit of being revolutionary and super trendy. A set of 5 sturdy hooks costs less than 5 euros.

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