the Maison des Jumelages et de la Francophonie proactive about attractiveness, economy and international

Always brave, the President of the House of Links, Francophonie and International Exchanges! In the inventory of the past season, ravaged by too long a health crisis consisting of periods of confinement, Marité CATHERIN has voluntarily projected herself into the future. That of this flagship association evolving in the civil society landscape in Auxerre. Around two creeds: the strengthening of international ties, the violin of Ingres, and the attractiveness of the area, on the economic side that is developing…

AUXERREAdmittedly, at the start of the three shots that served as a prelude to the launch of this annual meeting, the help was a bit meager. Pity, indeed! Because a general assembly is never a trivial moment in the existence of an associative structure that moreover has real claims to initiate unifying and eclectic projects beneficial to its influence.

And in terms of influence beyond its immediate geographic comfort zone, this unusual three-storey house (twinning, francophony, international exchanges) competes in ingenuity and the need to create. Permanently, it is stronger than them!

A Spanish city to expand the number of sister cities…

Firstly, the links with the four foreign cities, twins of the capital Yonne. For the record, Redditch, the English, Worms, the German, Greve in Chianti (the well-known transalpine!) and Plock, west of the Polish Warsaw, with such a special linguistic pronunciation that only insiders know how to practice perfectly!

Twin relations to which it is essential to add two French municipalities, Saint-Amarin, in the country of Alsace, and the Breton city of Roscoff, which gave its name to the green and wooded area located between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the marina.

A new destination to add to the wallet of twinning (which one?) at the start of the day, on the side of the proud Iberian Peninsula. Santo-Domingo-de-la-Cazalda. There are already close ties to one of the city’s educational institutions. The vocational school Vauban, which has already taken the plunge by establishing strong educational relationships. Logically, as the Spanish place benefits from the strong reputation of its vineyards, in the heart of Rioja! Without forgetting the very rich cultural heritage that fascinates not only pilgrims who go to Compostela. The ball is in the court of the city of Auxerre, which is aware of the file.

An international webinar on geometry with Corinne LEPAGE…

Second, the associative entity does not forget its role as an essential player in local citizenship. Through its educational program where language learning (English, Italian, Spanish) predominates.

Even though the courses have suffered a bit from the pains of the pandemic over the past two very disturbing seasons in terms of schedule. The youth, sports and cultural components are also wisely used to make this House the universe of everyone. Through the realization of physical challenges (this will be the case during the Youth Trophy offered during the Ascension weekend with youth representatives from Auxerre and Worms); through operations carried out during the Semaine de la Francophonie, intense due to the extensive menu available in the four corners of the Burgundian Franche-Comté.

The Francophonie, let’s talk about it! A unifying seal uniting more than eighty-five countries around the world and offering the sublime opportunity to externalize Auxerre and its watershed to other civilizations, the discipline will once again be at the center of the news this April. †

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More specifically, on the 22nd, on the occasion of International Earth Day (it really needs it!) where, on the initiative of the former Minister of the Environment, Corinne LEPAGE, President of Cap Ecology, a webinar will be organized, supported by the Declaration of Human Rights and the International Network of Maisons de la Francophonie (RIMF).

Network of which the Maisons de la Francophonie in France are clearly members, and by nesting effect, that of Auxerre, which also claims the designation Maison de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (cocorico!).

One of the members of the local structure, Laura NAUDET-DEON, will be privileged to be able to express herself with young interlocutors connected on the five continents thanks to the magic of digital technology.

The economy and attractiveness, other fertile grounds for proactive quintessence…

Thirdly, the other side of this vast structure, the economic development of international relations, generated by these twinning arrangements and La Francophonie, has been shaped over several years by the creation of a commission that has nothing to do with “Theodule in his appearance.

This intellectual ‘cell’, meeting every two weeks at cruising speed, including actors of the institutional and economic life of the seraglio, had organized last November a symposium devoted to the weight of the international seen through the prism of Auxerre. cultural, associative, youth, economic). The maneuver will be repeated next fall based on a very different but very complementary item: the attractiveness of the area, according to its strengths and weaknesses and the contribution of concrete suggestions to remedy the latter aspect.

We can see that laziness is not the mother of all vices within this structure, which has certainly seen the number of historical members decrease (102 contributors to date) due to two years of reduction in its activities (thank you who? To COVID 19! ), but which retains a hard core of optimists about its future and its multitude of projects aimed at pushing the boundaries. A form of proactive quintessence, in short…

Thierry BRET

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