They open a short-lived restaurant in a wine and spirits cellar in Toulouse

The team at Poison de Printemps, a new pop-up restaurant in Toulouse. (© News Toulouse / LF)

Spring gif: is the name of this restaurant that just opened at 20 rue du Faubourg Bonnefoy, in Toulouse† A ephemeral address installed in a wine cellar and spirits welcoming its first customers this Sunday March 20, 2022 and closes on the last day of spring, June 21.

Installation of a kitchen from A to Z

“We opened our wine cellar in December 2020,” says Quentin Pierre-Antoine, one of the cooperating heads of Poison de Printemps, among others. fat cat bossa cocktail bar near the Capitol† “And we rearranged everything to put a kitchen in the store”.

A restaurant from A to Z built in an existing wine cellar and for a limited time, the experience is unprecedented. Especially since the Spring Poison team has carefully worked on the scenography places to enhance the unusual side of the concept.

The facade of Poison de Printemps, Faubourg Bonnefoy, in Toulouse.
The facade of Poison de Printemps, Faubourg Bonnefoy, in Toulouse. (©

From the old storefront to modern architecture

Behind the old storefront – in its own juice – customers discover the shelves of wines and spirits in the cellar, as well as two tables and a large open kitchen

A kitchen that crosses to access an open-air patio, with modern architecture, which overlooks several rooms. Two of them are reserved for Poison of Spring. In one, several wooden tables, vintage chairs and a minimalist interior. In the other a huge table, table d’hôte style.

Single crockery

An unusual decor and atmosphere in which the Poison de Printemps teams give free rein to their creativity. They even go so far as to design the restaurant service themselves. “We didn’t know about it, we got an oven on loan,” Quentin explains. “We watched two three videos on Youtube, a ceramist friend came to give us some advice. Ultimately unique pieces, all numbered and with a certain cachet.

Gourmet and informal cuisine

A unique tableware, handmade, will accommodate the gourmet kitchen
Unique dishes, handcrafted, will host the “yet no-nonsense” gourmet cuisine on offer at Poison de Printemps. (©

A tableware in which a “gourmet kitchen, but without fuss” is presented. Agathe, the restaurant’s chef, learned her skills from several big names in the kitchen, most notably at the Bras family, in Laguiole† “We offer a 8-course tasting menu at 42 euros, as well as a more extensive menu for 59 euros,” explains Quentin. “We only work with independent producers. †

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Menus offered with a fine selection of natural wines, rigorously selected (note 18 euros more for the food-wine pairing for the first menu and 21 euros for the second menu). “We also open on Sundays, in continuous service, with a more relaxed formula,” explains Quentin.

A big sale of furniture and decoration on the last day

Spring Poison closes on the first day of summer. An ephemeral experience completely taken over by the creators of this new address in Toulouse. “After the two years we’ve just had, with closures, meters, health card, it is complicated for young hospitality professionals to invest in the very long term,” says Quentin Pierre-Antoine. “I think we will move more and more towards these kinds of short-lived projects, investing for a short time in unusual places to offer new experiences”.

The Poison of Spring experience ends on June 21, 2022 with a big sale of all the furniture and decoration of the ephemeral restaurant.

Practical information :
spring poison
20 rue du faubourg Bonnefoy, in Toulouse
From March 20 to June 21, 2022
Open in the evenings, from Wednesday to Saturday from 7.30 pm and on Sunday from 11.30 am.

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