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The kitchen trends for 2021 continue to amaze us: from refined marble to wood accents, including black kitchens, which have proven to be the great decorative trend that has seduced many people around the world. An element of the gastronomic piece has also been neglected. Such as the trendy kitchen wallpaper 2021 that promises to revive the room in an easy and cheap way. But what are the main motives that will create a modern kitchen wall decoration and advocate new trends? Focus on the 4 drawings to remember!

Trendy kitchen wallpaper 2021: we decipher the 4 patterns that will rule the gourmet room!

Kitchen wallpaper inspired by nature

In particular, the first motif that we will explore is the motif that advocates nature in all its forms: trees, flowers, animals, landscapes, etc. You are certainly spoiled for choice! In the following paragraphs, we will “study” the four most popular designs in this category that will dominate the kitchen wallpaper trend. Follow us !

original kitchen wallpaper idea kitchen wall decoration inspired by nature forest green

*Image credit: the spar


It is no coincidence that the forest is the main source of inspiration for many artists. Full of mystery and secrets, it turns out to be an excellent kitchen wall decoration idea. Trees, trunks, branches and more: it’s up to you to choose the wallpaper that best suits your style. To enhance your natural atmosphere, don’t hesitate to add some green house plants.

wallpaper for modern kitchen minimalist decoration white and black deco natural inspiration white forest furniture

If you prefer a minimalist decor and more specifically a decor that combines only two colors, we recommend that you bet on the white and black wallpaper that will not overload your interior decoration at all.

vinyl wallpaper kitchen trends 2021 decorative objects tropical print exotic decor natural inspiration

tropical designs

The tropical wallpaper has the power to wake up the space in a fantastic way and transport you to the jungle in one fell swoop. Palm fronds, banana leaves and other exotic plants adorn the walls with lush foliage whose green hues create a veritable green wall in the modern kitchen. To spice up the decor with more vibrant patterns, take the tropical leaf print and you won’t regret your choice.

green kitchen wallpaper trend tropical palm leaf pattern wooden chairs trends 2021

This type of original kitchen wallpaper also fits well with the green kitchen that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Wooden objects and greenery are always there!

kitchen wallpaper trend 2021 floral patterns delicate floral furniture white and green interior

floral patterns

Succeeding with floral designs as part of a trendy 2021 kitchen wallpaper can be a real headache, because in most cases this type of wall decoration can overload the entire decor. However, this is not the case with the example above, where the delicate flowers embody unparalleled softness.

vintage kitchen wallpaper yellow flowers red decorative objects kitchen vinyl wallpaper

A vintage kitchen wallpaper? No problem ! There are plenty of options available to you, just pick the colors and design that best suit your style and preferences.

decoration flamingo tose orchids wallpaper kitchen trend 2021 modern style


The flamingo decoration is not only intended for the girl’s room. Believe it or not, such a modern kitchen wall decor will bring a natural touch to the gourmet room by enlivening it through delicate pink tones combined with elegant green and purple tones. And as you might suspect, it’s far from the only choice when it comes to decorating kitchen wallpaper inspired by the animal kingdom. Here’s another example below.

wallpaper for kitchen trends 2021 natural inspiration animal pattern deco birds

Adopting birds in the form of kitchen decor wallpaper is an excellent idea to bring life to the room. In this case, we recommend decorating only one wall with it, so as not to overload the decor. Also consider choosing neutral shades.

Kitchen brick wallpaper

wallpaper brick kitchen wall decoration kitchen wood and white decor modern trends 2021

Brick kitchen wallpaper is also called trompe l’oeil wallpaper and has been all the rage in interior design for years. These are rolling papers that imitate almost every type of raw material down to the last detail and will continue to dominate the trends this year.

This 2021 trending kitchen wallpaper will suit almost any interior style, but will look best in one or two-tone rooms. This allows you to create an accent wall that will fascinate your guests and become the centerpiece of your home.

brick wallpaper kitchen ideas white kitchen wall decor accent wall trends 2021

This modern kitchen wallpaper imitates bricks to perfection and harmonizes with the white and gray kitchen and gives it an industrial touch.

Kitchen wallpaper trend that advocates geometric shapes

wallpaper for modern white kitchen wall decoration geometric kitchen trends 2021

Geometric patterns have been installed in kitchen wall decoration for years to activate the space in an ultra-trendy way. As for the original kitchen wallpaper, there is a wide variety of colors and patterns available for you to discover the design that best suits your style.

Trick: if it is a white and wooden kitchen (see the image above), experts generally recommend giving preference to neutral tones embellished with a few pops of color.

Modern kitchen wallpaper with geometric patterns that takes up the entire wall

trendy kitchen wallpaper 2021 geometric pattern idea wall decoration

Terrazzo wallpaper

terrazzo floor and wallpaper modern kitchen trends 2021 white decor

In recent years, the interior Terrazzo floors have come back into force to settle with charm in our rooms. This year the Terrazzo pattern has been extended to the walls in the gourmet area for THE new kitchen wallpaper trend for 2021.

terrazzo wallpaper white kitchen wood furniture ideas kitchen wall decor

Terrazzo wallpaper is available in neutral tones, in original colors, with shine and more… A kitchen wallpaper trend that will certainly dominate our interiors in the coming years!

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