what items to use to give it style at a lower cost?

If you’re planning to renovate the kitchen to make it more chic and eco-friendly, think about used items lying around in your cupboards or garage. Reusing pallets, cutlery or stepladders is a perfect idea to embellish your culinary space in an original and tasteful way. This style goes especially well with industrial decor. In this article we explain how you can decorate your kitchen with recycling to give it a new and different touch.

Decorate your kitchen creatively with old objects

DIY projects that reuse and recycle waste into unique furniture or works of art contribute to a better environment by supporting green ideas. Clutter and clutter are part of human life. Decorating a modern kitchen with redundant items offers an opportunity to add an artistic touch to your home and personalize the decor in an elegant and innovative style.

diy recycled kitchen decor idea

Here’s a great collection of inspirations that can encourage you to breathe new life into your leftover paint or materials instead of wasting them. Original and interesting ideas give the chance to turn clutter into treasure, have fun and save money on interior decoration.

Exploited packaging

kitchen decoration recycled stone pots

A great way to decorate the kitchen is by reusing everyday packaging such as plastic bottles, cans or glass bottles.


Especially if they carry an iconic label, they are perfect as a simple decoration, but you can also use them to store your kitchen utensils. Apply spray paint if you want to give your cans a special touch or add fabric and paper for a shabby chic look. You can also store herbs in it.

how to decorate your kitchen with recycled cans

storage jar

Reuse your old glass jars or glass jars to store grains and pasta. It’s a great way to keep food fresh and recycle glass. Another idea is to use your jars as lunch boxes. Make delicious mixed salads to eat at work. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to decorating with stoneware pots, such as turning them into candle holders or lamps.

decorate your kitchen recycled stone pots

pallets in the kitchen

how to decorate your kitchen with recycled

Pallet planks

For the kitchen, you can use a wooden pallet to create a small, versatile shelf on which you can hang various tools or even store your recipe books. You can decorate the palette with wall stencils.

build a kitchen with recycled pallets

pallet kitchen table

If you’ve always wanted an island in your kitchen or need a side table for a quick breakfast, you can place two pallets vertically and two pallets above and below to create the base. Nail together for a beautiful DIY table.

decorate your kitchen pallet table in industrial style

Decorate your kitchen with old cutlery

how do I decorate my kitchen with old cutlery

To decorate with leftovers it is important to let your imagination run wild, to give new uses to household objects in a fun and unique way. For example, we recommend that you use old cutlery that you no longer use. Fold them up and stick them on a wooden board to create an original platform on which to hang your cups or whatever you want.

The long life of the ladders

make a kitchen with a recycled old ladder as a shelf

Ladders are objects that offer many alternative uses: as cupboards, as makeshift shelves for plants or as decorative elements on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. There are many ways to decorate with a ladder!

how to decorate your kitchen with recycled objects

Recycle old kitchen utensils

kitchen furnishings recycled glass bottles

Do you have items at home that you think are not usable? Think again, with a little DIY you can personalize your space in no time! Check out these unique decorating ideas!

Coffee cups as beautiful lamps

Repurpose coffee cups by hanging them up as if they were kitchen lamps. You will need extra strong glue to glue them to the saucers. Then you need to make a hole in the base of each cup, through which you can mount the lamp on a piece of furniture or on the wall. The result: a decorative piece of jewelry for your kitchen.

decorate your cheap kitchen with a lamp for a recycled coffee cup

Teapot transformed into a beautiful planter

How about repainting a vintage teapot and using it to plant the herbs you need for cooking? It’s as simple as can be. If your teapot is rusty, all the better, it will give an even more authentic touch.

kitchen decoration idea recycled objects

Decorate your kitchen with a vase in the shape of a milk jug

You are really lucky if you found an old milk container. You can store your cutlery in it or turn it into a vase.

decorate your kitchen nicely with recycling

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