a cross-cutting profession to develop brand visibility

A strategic, operational and management role

This flagship feature of web marketing occupies a central place within a company’s marketing and communications department. Its role: to analyze and define a brand’s strategy across all its digital media, its discourse to follow and its positioning in the market to differentiate itself from the competition. He will design, implement and manage marketing activities to develop brand awareness and visibility.

The digital marketing manager must have a good knowledge of the market to be able to make digital and strategic recommendations. It’s a matter of fully understanding the needs of the customer or company, knowing where the brand wants to be in the next 5 years, what steps can be taken and the means to achieve them. explains Karim Meddouri, who trained at L’École Multimédia as part of a retraining project.

An essential ROI approach

Among the specifics of this profession, the former apprentice states that an ROI approach is highly recommended. † The goal of a company is to convert. If an upstream digital marketing strategy is well designed, the gains in terms of traffic can be significant.† To create a web marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify your audience, by creating one or more personas. † You need to know where the goal is to pick them up and bring them to the brand’s site or application, to offer them original content and send them the right message at the right time.

Team management to deploy digital projects

In addition to its highly diversified missions and cross-functional role, the digital marketing manager position has another advantage: “ he supervises teams consisting of community managers, web editors, graphic designers, brand content managers or SEOs. They work under his responsibility and contribute to the implementation of the company’s digital projects. “, adds Kahina Ikhlef, pedagogical referee of the digital communication sector at L’École Multimédia.

The skills to master to become a digital marketing manager

Retraining in this field requires a good knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing, before acquiring the digital stone that will complete the digital culture of the candidates and that of the sector in which they will develop. † These different levers are necessary to define and implement a digital marketing strategy, with the specificities of e-commerce, to activate the potential of a product and satisfy its customers. “, advises Karim Meddouri.

Constant monitoring to follow the evolution and emergence of marketing concepts, new technologies and consumer trends is essential to perform this function. † It is a matter of continuing to look at consumer expectations to offer them a brand that suits them and digital interfaces that go in that direction. “, continues the educational referee. The training also enables you to master martech tools: CRM, customer relations or project management, to optimize productivity.

Know how to create emulation around your project

A digital marketing manager must also demonstrate rigor, be proactive and have good interpersonal skills,” to create emulation around his project so that the results are there “, emphasizes Kahina Ikhlef. An observation shared by the former student: he must be a pedagogue as his strategy must be well understood internally and externally, while being able to involve the members of his team behind his ideas “. Thanks to his public speaking classes that he took as part of the training, Karim Meddouri was able to “ practice your speech to successfully support and defend your digital project in front of industry experts

Accept making mistakes to move forward

Not being afraid to fail is also one of the required human qualities. † You have to learn to accept by making mistakes to get your project on the right track and avoid having to kick back. Digital makes it possible to rely on the testing and learning method, be it a business model, a website landing page, an offer launch or a customer journey. It is possible to conduct these tests on a small scale before launch ‘ the former student advised. Autonomy, curiosity or even a penchant for taking on challenges are all soft skills that are valued in this feature with versatile missions.

A job suitable for retraining, with career development prospects

The profession of digital marketing manager has been adapted to retraining. † The candidate brings his maturity, his mastery of processes, his understanding of the company culture and a fairly fresh view for constantly changing levers », analyzes Kahina Ikhlef. The experience gained in this area is a real plus: you are not starting from 0, you have just acquired a skill that will complete your resume Conversely, not having a first experience in marketing or digital won’t be a barrier if you want to retrain in this area.

Once the training was validated, Karim Meddouri, who is currently doing an internship with an insurance broker he supports in building his web marketing strategy, chose to continue in this direction. Other choices were available to him, such as the profession of digital strategy consultant or even education in this sector. For the pedagogical referee of L’École Multimedia, the development opportunities for this position are numerous: ” he can progress to communication or marketing management positions, or start working for an agency as a brand or content manager. The fact that this position is so versatile opens up multiple perspectives as each expertise can become a profession in its own right, opening up the field of possibilities.

Train to become a strategic and operational digital marketing manager

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