Anne Hidalgo: what does her economic and fiscal program entail?

Smic increase of 15%

It is a measure that the socialist candidate wants to put forward during her campaign. It also tops the 70 proposals published on January 13. Anne Hidalgo sees the revaluation of the minimum wage as “an absolute priority, especially for workers in critical sectors as we have seen during the pandemic”† For example, an employee who works full-time at minimum wage would earn about 200 euros more per month. If the increase were the largest in history (anticipating the 10% increase in 1981), it would remain lower than what is being implemented by other governments. The SPD-Green-Liberal coalition that has come to power in Germany wants to increase the minimum hourly income by 25% (from 9.82 euros to 12 euros). In Spain, the minimum wage has increased by 31.8% since 2018.

35 hours: save the goat and the cabbage

As for legal working hours, the Socialist Party’s program is at the same time as it gives guarantees to the left wing asking to go under 35 hours: “I want companies that want to encourage that to apply short-time work”† Still, it doesn’t count.”change the legal duration”

Equal pay for men and women: place for guilt and shame

To achieve pay equality, the mayor of Paris plans to make the list of bad students public: “The list of companies that continue to allow wage discrimination against women will be made public and sanctions will be imposed on these companies. I will turn the burden of proof so that it is on the company to prove that it is not guilty of wage discrimination”

1,000 euros for every 18-year-old

Anne Hidalgo is currently being talked about more for the lack of enthusiasm aroused by her campaign than by her proposals. If the debate leaves the question of egos to enter the field of ideas, the following measure could be discussed: “In order to give them the means for their emancipation, each young person aged 18 years is paid a capital of 5,000 euros to enable them to finance their personal and professional projects.† For the time being, the donation does not appear to be dependent on counterparties or terms of resources. This could cost public finances dearly. In 2023, according to INSEE figures, 775,000 young people will be eligible for the measure. The measure seems incompatible with the social-democratic ideology in which every euro of government spending enables a return on investment. Positive externalities (job creation, innovations, etc.) are hard to imagine.

More rights for platform workers

The French left is sometimes accused of abandoning the working classes and the ‘new proletarians’, such as people who work for delivery or transport platforms. However, the PS program shows a certain voluntarism in this area: “The law will establish a presumption of employment in their favor so that they have access to all workers’ rights (minimum wage, social protection, etc.). The burden of proof is reversed and lies with the administrators of the platforms. Transparency of algorithms is becoming the rule, with controls and sanctions for health and safety breaches. Rights regarding the decisions of the algorithms affecting the employees will be established”

Towards green taxes

Anne Hidalgo wants a “Solidarity tax on prosperity, climate and biodiversity”† Goal : “to help the luckiest to fund the energy transition”. There is also a surcharge on investments linked to fossil fuels.

Doubling teacher salaries: a roadside measure…

The candidate had sparked controversy a few months ago by seeking to double teachers’ salaries. A measure that is so “big” that the main stakeholders, who are nevertheless looking for a better reward, scoffed. From now on, the program wants to be more vague about it… It’s about “consider and reward teachers according to the importance of their mission. The remuneration of lecturers is gradually increased to the level of the managers.† According to Apec, the median salary of an executive in 2020 is 50,000 euros.

Retirement: a maximum legal age

The PS program is based on the following postulate: “The sustainability of the system is not endangered in the short or long term.† From that moment on, “the legal age will not be raised, but will be limited to the current 62″† In addition, the minimum age would be increased to 1,000 euros net. Currently, the amount is 903 euros (compared to 833 in 2018).

Presidents of regions: the industrial bosses of tomorrow

To re-industrialize France, Anne Hidalgo relies on “four great odysseys” namely health, energy, mobility and digital. To support the sectors of the sector, it advocates a “coordinated and decentralized effort (…). The regions will be the driving force behind these odysseys, because I believe that today the presidents of the regions are the real industry ministers in the country”† At the moment there is still a lack of clarity regarding the concrete implementation: “The odysseys will mobilize private and public alike, citizens, workers, engineers and researchers from the sectors concerned.”

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