Elodie Introia, a French chef on California television

Elodie Introia is a lover of Los Angeles. She has built her career as a private chef there for 17 years and has built a solid reputation cooking for the stars of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. A talent that today brings her to television, where she delivers her cooking recipes on the Accesso Total program on Telemundo 52, one of the most popular channels of the Hispanic community in California.

Spotted by Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Originally from Colmar, Elodie Introia lived her American dream when she landed in New York 20 years ago. She studied international political science, attended Princeton University, found an internship at the UN, and continued her education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. † Once I set foot in the United States, I immediately understood that I had to stay there. I ended up in California almost by accident with a few clichés in mind: the TV series Santa Barbara, the cult of surfers… and fell in love with the region† †

Forced to return to France, she returned to California a few years later and let her talents in the kitchen speak for themselves. † I have always cooked alongside my studies. Sicilian on my father’s side, French-Moroccan on my mother’s side, cooking is innate to me. If my parents always advised me not to go into the kitchen, that’s how I came back to the United States.

Seizing a golden opportunity – an entrepreneur from Montecito was looking for a private chef at his home at the time – she got a visa and went to Los Angeles, where her name circulated among the wealthy families of Malibu. † The rest of my story I owe to the charismatic chef Ludo Lefebvre, who after signing the menu of the Lavo restaurant, then announced his return to Los Angeles with his concept of “pop-up restaurant” LudoBitesThe flow passed, I returned as an apprentice and became his right arm in a few months† †

For three years, Elodie, Ludo and their sidekick Elliott organize events. † 120 covers every night during pop-up days, and an unforgettable experienceElodie says enthusiastically. Ludo was like a brother, because of his discipline and creativity in the kitchen I grew three times faster. The success was immediate and in parallel with the pop-ups we organized private events for Barbara Streisand, Rob Lowe or the musician Kenny G. Memories engraved forever† †

In Spanish on Telemundo 52

The rest of Elodie’s career will be more personal. Stimulated by her years with Chef Ludo, she went solo and collaborated for Los Angeles art galleries and a few private clients. † I love Mediterranean cuisine, good dishes from Italy, Morocco, Israel, spicy dishes and I keep in love with French flavors. A good schnitzel with whipped cream, a bite à la reine, that’s all up to me† With the support of an investor, she even set up her first restaurant project in the Los Feliz neighborhood. † 2020 looked like it was going to be a magical year, and then the COVID arrived, siphoning the project of a lifetime in a few months† †

The chef, husband for a time to a professional boxer of Panamanian descent, bounces back and is spotted in Panama, after several collaborations with local chefs, by the television channel Telemundo 52. Living in South America as a child, I spoke fluent Spanish and agreed to record my first cooking show, a 3 minute capsule on a Télé Matin format. I try to pass on my love for cooking, the values ​​of wellbeing and nutrition, the European lifestyle, I guide housewives on the right ways to do their shopping, on the right vegetables to cook.

Followed by almost 10,000 subscribers on Instagram and a regular at Telemundo 52, Elodie Introia has carved out her place in the media. A background in nutritional sophisticated hair style. In addition to filming, she now advises athletes and athletes on the best nutrition and is increasingly interested in Latin America, in El Salvador but also in Colombia, where she proposes her future projects.

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