Football – Lausanne-Sport is not dead yet


Mainly thanks to a hat-trick by Amdouni, the Vaudois signed their third success of the season on Sunday against a sufficient Servette (4-1). But they’re still seven units behind Lucerne.

Hat-trick author Zeki Amdouni (left) splashed the Lake Geneva derby with his talent.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Lausanne-Sport chose the Lake Geneva derby to take their first win of the Alain Casanova era – and of the year. If it doesn’t radically change the data of the issue, at least this first success of the season against Servette shows that the Vaudois still believe in their slim chances of taking the FC Lucerne play-off spot.

For a long time, however, the approximately 6,000 spectators who were present at La Tuilière on Sunday had thought that Servette would win this fourth and final game of the season without too much worry. Indeed, from the first moments, the Genevans monopolized the ball with the blessing of Lausannois, whose main aim then seemed to come down to delaying the inevitable. A territorial and technical superiority that gave the Serbs the false and always dangerous feeling that victory would fall into their hands without having to work too hard.

Rodelin misses herself, not Amdouni

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t find the opening at first due to a serious defensive foul by Zohouri that Antunes (5th) didn’t take advantage of. Then, especially, when Cognat collided with Diaw after running around the middle of Lausanne’s defense (12th). In continuity, Zohouri made a clumsy foul on Valls that ignored Mr. Cibelli, but not the VAR that corrected the referee’s mistake. However, Rodelin’s penalty was diverted by Diaw.

And forced to win this LS to keep hoping for a miracle? Nothing, or almost, until one of the Vaudois’ rare attacking forays resulted in a penalty for Diallo fouling Mahou. A supreme sanction that Amdouni did not miss (38th).

Even though Valls missed a golden opportunity to equalize just before half-time, LS started the second half with much better intentions. A metamorphosis that the unstoppable Zeki Amdouni achieved twice (62nd and 67th). First by averting a corner from Kukuruzovic in the right place, then with a precise shot that left Frick without reaction. An addition to which the young Alvyn Sanches added five minutes later. Confused, Servette was the only one who saved Rodelin’s honour. A defeat that almost puts an end to his hopes of winning another European qualifier.

Tuiliere. 6045 spectators.

goals: 38th Amdouni (penalty kick) 1-0, 62nd Amdouni 2-0, 67th Amdouni 3-0, 72nd Sanches 4-0, 76th Rodelin 4-1.

LS: diaw; Zohouri, Husic, Poundje; Alakouch, Kukuruzovic, Trebel, Suzuki (43rd Pollero), Mahou (89th Chafik); Sanches (82nd sow), Amdouni (82nd Ouattara).

Napkin: frick; Diallo (46th Bauer), Vouilloz, Sasso, Clichy; Cognat, Camara (59th Oberlin), Valls; Stevanovic, Rodelin, Antunes (59th Bedia).

Warnings: 37th Diallo, 59th Antunes, 69th Sasso, 76th Diaw.

Comments: LS without Castella, Turkes, Grippo, Koné, Kapo, Koyalipou (injured) or N’Guessan (ill). Napkin without Cespedes, Fofana, Sawadogo or Douline (injured). 16th: Diaw fends off a penalty from Rodelin.

With Zurich’s draw against Grasshopper the day before (1-1), Basel had the chance to come back to within 10 points of the leader. But the Rijnlanders were unable to get rid of Young Boys (2-2) this Sunday. However, they led twice: when Xhaka scored the 1-0 with a beautiful shot from the right (41st) and when Esposito gave them the advantage in the 71st. Each time, Yellow and Black picked up, thanks to Fernandes (61st) and Kanga (78th). Status quo in the standings: FC Zurich still has 12 points ahead of Basel and 17 on YB (3rd) and Lugano (4th).

Lugano who, unlike Lucerne in the other meeting of the day, missed the chance to settle on the podium. After leading 2-0 thanks to a double by Celar (38th, 56th), the Ticino people collapsed (2-2). Ugrinic reduced the score for the hour (59th), then Kvasina tied the two teams at the end of the game (86th).

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