Football: on this one the Amdouni diamond proved Cissé right


Thanks to his jewel, author of a double against Lugano (4-1), Lausanne can always hope to save itself. By offering his young striker the chance to shine in the Super League, the much-discussed sports director of La Tuilière had been right.

When two competitors compete for one place – that of the jump-off in this case – in a grueling mano a mano from a distance, the one in front must give up, or at least start to run out, so that whoever follows has a chance to catch up. to talk. This is the complexity of the situation facing Lucerne (as for the hare) and Lausanne (as for the pursuer).

Lucerne, knockdown champion

Against Lugano, atomized 4-1 by the last in class with no complaints, the underside confirmed their spectacular current recovery, aided well by a very complacent opponent. The problem is that, shortly before kick-off in La Tuilière, Lucerne did no less well against Saint-Gall, taking the stoppage-time win of a game in which Mario Frick’s protégés trailed twice. That says a lot about FC Lucerne’s state of mind, probably never as strong as when the scoreboard is against them.

Already five times in 2022, the Central Swiss team has been able to find the strength to recover from a backlog, making Lucerne the Swiss champion of turnarounds and other trend reversals. Admittedly, Lausanne also had to use his resources to ignore the specific context it was in, forgetting at kick-off the knockout blow his players had received during their warm-up in the form of the two latecomers. successes in Lucerne (85th and 91st), without which their situation would be mathematically infinitely more comfortable, with prospects of a return much less uncertain…

Much better than YB

While there are still 18 points in play and the end of the season approaching, it is of course unclear whether LS will manage to beat their closest opponent on the wire. What we already know in the event of a Challenge League tumble is that the Vaudois will not be relegated by their fourth round. It was long before that, in the weeks following Alain Casanova’s parachute jump at La Tuilière this winter, in a championship he knew nothing about, that Lausanne misplaced the precious points that may be missing from the final count. A sign of its real revival, the LS has just amassed eight points in its last five games, while the Young Boys, Swiss champions in distress, have only racked up…three points in total in the same period!

If Lausanne shows better performances on the pitch, while paradoxically still missing some key players, nothing fundamental has changed in the stands. In the eyes of the ultras, Souleymane Cissé is still persona non grata there, which is reflected in the now classic banner in the stands inviting the sports director to clear his office more quickly.

Without rewriting history, the successor to Pablo Iglesias continues to be criticized for his transfer window management and, apart from the arrival of Trebel, the lack of real reinforcements at a key moment in the season. At the time, the leader in the columns of 24 hours that the club already had “enough diamonds”.

If his words could smile – but especially annoy the horrified supporters given the results recorded before the break – Cissé was right on one point: the Tuilière mine is full of a sacred jewel in the person of Zeki Amdouni. The man at whom the fan’s outrage has been directed may have been wrong many times, but he was right on this one.

Three countries are fighting it out

At 21, Amdouni, who has already racked up 12 Super League goals in what remains his first season at the highest level, is paying all the daring. Against Lugano, the striker splashed the game with his unusual talent and it is easy to understand that Turkey and Tunisia are each trying to entice him. Will the Swiss international M21 give in to the sirens of representatives of the Bosphorus squad who came to accompany him over Easter? The ball is in the court of Murat Yakin and the Swiss leaders, who would do well not to let such potential slip elsewhere.

With his diamond, Lausanne, he can always believe in maintaining, even if his chances, let’s face it, diminish over the days. To approach his “final” on May 1 in Lucerne in the best possible conditions, he must first win in Letzigrund against GC next Sunday. While he hopes that his direct opponent will stop in Basel at the same time.

That’s a lot, probably even more. Nevertheless, by very expediently regaining their credibility, the La Tuilière rebels have already extended the tension. We can only fear that their response will come too late, which could only add to the regret.

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